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Thanksgiving traditions?

What Thanksgiving traditions did your family have when you were growing up or does your family have now?

Growing up, my brother and I would always watch the parade on tv, then after Thanksgiving dinner around 2 or 3-ish, we'd put the Christmas tree up. And, there was football in there somewhere.

Re: Thanksgiving traditions?

  • I love our family traditions for the holidays, Thanksgiving was the same as most ... Everyone at my grandparents house and my grandfather would prepare a FEAST !! Turkey, Lasagna , home made pastas and manicotti, all the fixins..

    once we ate, the men would watch tv while the girls sat in the backroom playing cards or dice games with pennies.

    Love the holidays!!!

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  • We didn't really have any.  We didn't really do much for Thanksgiving though.  Our family is from England and my sister and I were the first generation to grow up over here.  We usually watched the parade in the morning, but that's about all I remember!
  • For the past few years, I like to watch the Dog Show that's on at noon. In the afternoon we go over to my in-laws for dinner and to pick names for the Christmas gift exchange. I'll add that I grew up partly in the UK, so we didn't  celebrate Thanksgiving when I was growing up.

    This year I'll miss my tradition of drinking a lot of wine at dinner!!!!

  • Growing up we always watched the parade and had dinner around 6:00 or 7:00. Pretty much what DH and I do now Smile
  • Since we live in Montana it is still hunting season so we got out and hunt until dark and then have dinner around 6:30 or 7:00
  • I honestly can't remember a thing about Thanksgivings from my childhood. Probably because most of them were just me and my parents, since we very rarely lived anywhere near family (Air Force). I know I watched the parade, but it wasn't an every year tradition, just whenever I felt like it. Definitely no football though.?
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