anyone take reglan to increase milk supply?

I really want my DS to have my milk, but my supply is way too low for what he demands.  I'm ready to wave the white flag and use formula 100%, but can't give up just yet.  Pls tell me of your experience with Reglan.  FYI...I've tried Fenugreek for 1 week and no substantial increase in supply.  Baby takes 5 oz of formula per feeding and I produce ~ 2 oz of milk per day.  I can't get DS to latch so I've been pumping ~2-3 hrs.

Re: anyone take reglan to increase milk supply?

  • I'd try domperidone first.. has less side effects.
  • Ditto pp.  Dom is way more effective and used most often in other countries for upping supply.  Other things to try- lots of water and make sure you're eating enough (500 cals more than regular diet).  Oatmeal also helped me a little. 

    How are your 2-3 hours spaced out during the day?

    When I first started pumping (I EP), I would pump for 20-30 mins at a time, 7+ times/day.  My goal was at least 8 pumps, but I rarely made it. 

    Make sure you're pumping between 1 and 5 am- you have the highest prolactin levels then

    Pump more in the morning- you make more milk then too

    Try power pumping- pump for 20, take off 10, pump 10, off 10, etc...  for an hour. 

    Pump 5 minutes longer than the last drop.

    Just pumping is really hard, and it takes some time to build a supply.  All of those tricks have greatly helped me up my supply and I'm finally beating DS.  It took me until 2 mos pp to do so though.  I didn't take any supplements because DH and I only wanted to use them as a last resort.  Good luck!!! 

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  • I was going to add some other ideas for upping supply-

    -pump right after a hot (I mean as hot as you can stand it) shower

    -do some kangaroo care- hold your baby skin to skin.  That means your baby just has a diaper on and you have your shirt and bra off.  This stimulates milk produciton.  I did this and put a blanket over top of both of us to stay warm.  Not only did it help my production (at least I think), it calmed down DS quite a bit.  I would usually sit on the couch with my feet up and watch tv; DS would sleep.  And if he hadn't gotten a good burp out in a while, this usually did the trick. 

    -Use a heating pad, or by some hot/cold packs, for your boobs

    -relax about how much you're getting... try not to look at the bottles.  Do something that distracts you from the fact that you're pumping (I'm typing this while I'm pumping)... that helped me a TON because I wasn't thinking about the fact that I was tied to a d*** pump.  Go hands free- there are lots of ways to do this

    -Also, keep trying to BF.  The more you practice, the easier it can get!!! 

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  • kel gave you really good advice.  I am an EPer and have been for about 5 weeks.  I started out with only 3 oz. per day and now I am up to 9oz. per day.  I've been taking domperidone for about 2 weeks.  I would try that, it is about the same price as a prescription.  I ordered it from  There is also a great message board for EPers on ivillage if you need more advice.  I set a goal for myself - if I don't make it to atleast 10 oz. per day after I've been taking dom for 3 weeks, I'm giving up.  Well, I am actually close to that goal now.  What if you try something like that before throwing in the towel - you can do it!  GL!
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