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Help! Advice??!!

I decided at 6:45 this morning to take a pregnancy test, and much to my surprise, it was positive! I can't remember when my last period was, maybe the 22nd? i am so in shock right now, I can't even think of abbreviations! You see, I had surgery on the 10th of this month, a simple tonsillectomy, but still the thought that I was under anesthesia, and had pain medicine for a week is making me so scared. I hope I have not harmed this little innocent baby! My first baby turns one next month, and my head is just spinning! Any thoughts about the anesthesia? i could have maybe only been about 3 weeks? They did a pregancy test on the 10th (day of surgery) and it was negative. HELP!!!

Re: Help! Advice??!!

  • Congrats on your positive! 

    What's done is done and worrying about it won't help.  You'll be fine! 

  • Very early in her pregnancy (they weren't trying and she obviously didnt know she was pregnant) my best friend had her wisdom teeth removed, not only was she under anesthesia but followed up with hard core pain killers for the next week, she also had x-rays just prior to the surgery.  All of this at about 3 weeks.  My god-daughter just turned 7 and is the picture of health, try not to worry I'm sure your baby will be fine!

    Congrats on your BFP!

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  • try to not worry, what is done is done. you don't share with the baby until after 6 weeks, but I am not sure how that works with anesthia and surgery. talk to your doctor about it.
  • Congratulations! Definitely talk to your dr, but I'm pretty sure the baby wasn't getting anything (food, drinks, meds, etc) at that point.
  • Thank you. Went for my post op appt this morning, and the Dr said I should be fine. I think my husband and I are still both in shock! Boy, life is going to be crazy with two little ones!!!
  • Very early on in pregnancy you do not share blood with the embryo so I wouldnt worry about it.  Just make sure to tell your doc at your 1st apt.


    Good Luck

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  • Congrats!!

    Ok I was in the same boat as you when I got my BFP! I had surgery on Halloween to have my appendix removed I was 7DPO at the time, so the egg had already been fertilized but were not sure if it had implanted yet. On 11/9 I got a positive pregnancy test and I was shocked and scared because of the recent surgery. But my OB said that because of how early I am that everything should be fine. You don't start sharing blood with the baby till 6 weeks (at least that's what my OB said), so you should be ok! Congrats again!! A very happy and healthy 9 months to you!

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