Toddler (2.5) not walking this AM?

Last night she pointed to her "boo-boo" on her knee, but I just thought it was the usual bumped her knee and wanted a kiss. ?She wasn't complaining about it, just pointed it out at bedtime. ?This morning, she wouldn't stand up or walk on her left leg. ?Not crying, but insisted she be carried. ?I checked it out: no sign of trauma, bruising, bug bite, rash, swelling, etc. ?I've put pressure on every part of the leg and there's no pain; she just won't stand or walk on it. ?She's crawling around and bouncing on the couch and behaving normally. ?I'm baffled. ?I hope she just did something like wrenched it while jumping around in her crib or something, and maybe it's a little painful and she doesn't know how to handle it (like work through it).The?pediatrician?said to take to after hours care after her nap. ? We have an appointment at 5.30pm. ?Any similar experiences or ideas??

Re: Toddler (2.5) not walking this AM?

  • The only time we experienced something like this was when DH put both of Dillon's legs in the same pantleg...then came and got me out of bed bc he couldn't figure out why Dillon couldn't walk (seriously).

    i hope she is ok. Keep us posted.

  • This is not to scare you but -


    When I was like in 4th grade I had a flu virus that settled in the joints of my legs and my hips. I literally could not walk for over two weeks, my legs were in such severe pain and just would not work. They really did not know what the deal was, apparently it is not too common. I was in the hospital for over a week- they were testing for childhood arthritis, talking about needing a wheelchair, etc. It was horrible and then one day it just went away and I was fine. Now I doubt this is the problem with your DD it just reminded me of what happened to me. She probably has a deep bruise or something that hurts when she bends it, good luck at the doctor's!

  • lol @ jen

    KISS, you can't worry me anymore than I've made myself go crazy with scenarios. ?I've already gone to the rare virus, infection, even?leukemia?places!?

    Thanks for you story though. ?Very interesting.?

  • It happend to my son when he was 18 mths.  I'm not sure exactly of the injury as it happened at his day care.  She said she went to lift him out of the stroller and his foot got caught and she kind of yanked his leg.  He didn't walk on it for like 3 days.  We did x rays and all kinds of appts and eventually he just started walking normally on it a week later.  I think he just didn't know how to walk through the pain.
  • Similiar story as K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but happened to my DD just a month and half ago (25months).  I took her to the ER and they x-rayed and everything and came to the conclusion of Toxic Synovitis.  She was better the next afternoon, but like you I was completely freaked out.  The ER Doc's and Pedi said that toddlers will typically tell you it's their knee that is hurting but the pain is really coming from the hips.   Hope that helps and your DC is feeling better soon.


  • I'm late to respond, but my DS did the same thing.  We took him to the doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong.  He did it for almost a week and then it just went away. 
    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
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