1st Trimester

Heart rate for pregnancy exercise ?

What did your DR say about it?

My appt is on the 1st but I need to get back to my eliptical! UGH!! I feel so yuky!

I have a HR monitor and the info says "if pregnant, consult a physician"

Thoughts? TIA!!


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Re: Heart rate for pregnancy exercise ?

  • i am really glad you asked this, i have been taking a spinning class and the instructor told me to watch my heartrate... but didn't know how high is too high...
  • disclaimer:  i am not a doctor

    that said; my ob told me that my body could handle what i had been doing in the last few months.  he said to make sure that i don't start anything new that my body isn't used to.  he said new research shows world class athletes continuing to train throughout their pregnancy.  now... i have scaled way back... because i'm a big fat worry-wart. :)  but - thatsa' what he said.


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  • Everyone is on fire with the questions I have... I want to get back on the elliptical, too. I don't care if I have to go slow at zero incline.. I just want to exercise. I've settled for taking the dogs on longer walks a few times a day.
  • My dr just told me to make sure that the staff in the gym know I am pregnant and they will advise me on thier policy for working out No mention of heart rate though. Funny thing is my mom owns the gym.. LOL Go figure. I told DH last night we might have to tell her sooner than planned. I have been missing this week so far because I havent told her but its only a matter of time that she asks me why I havent been going in like I usually do.
  • I've heard to keep your heart rate under 140bpm.
  • Dont go over 140 bpm.  That's what I have read and what my doctor recommends.

  • image elysialabita:
    I've heard to keep your heart rate under 140bpm.


    AHHHH!!! I thought I remembered someone, somewhere say 135 so that sounds about right.

    I'm a little more worried because this past month (before the BFP) I got sick and stoped working out because of it, and I don't want to over do it.

    Thanks!!! I think I can go slow on a 0 incline till I see the OB : )


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  • I've read that as long as you can carry on a conversation it is fine.  They used to stick to <140 but now it is a little more lenient.

  • my midwife said to keep it under 140.
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  • I've heard 140 a lot of times, but my doctor said there aren't any real reports saying higher is worse. She said to exercise at a comfortable level, meaning I should be able to talk and do the exercise without being to out of breath.

    Have I attempted this? No. I haven't seen the gym since BFP. I'm proud if I go to the grocery store after work.

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  • My doc said to stay under 140bpm also.
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  • Ditto PPs - my doctor also said that I shouldn't go over 140bpm.  Crying  This has proven pretty challenging for me - I'm logging not much more than half of my pre-pregnancy mileage. 

    Is your HRM the kind with a chest strap and watch that displays your HR?  Those are the most accurate - you can set it so that it will alert you if you go over 140.  I used to train between 170 & 180, but now I have it set so that it beeps if my HR goes below 135 or above 140.

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  • My doc just said... if you were doing it before you can continue, no specific heart rate info. so i still do my spinning classes 3 times per week
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  • I had the same question and my Dr said the same...said not to go over 140 and everything will be fine :)
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  • My doctor said you should be able to talk while you are exercising and to not start anything new.
  • I am an aerobics instructor, and teach bootcamp ( which I also do with my class), cardio Kickboxing (turbokick), and Step. Plus I run 3 times a week. I am running a 5k on Thanksgiving. I teach 8-10 classes a week my dr. said I should be fine because I have been doing all of this for a while, and my body is used to it. My HR gets in the 160-170 teaching and I feel great! I just listen to my body and that is the best advice anyone can give you. When I feel like I am doing to much, I just take it to low impact. All my classes know that I am prego, so they understand. Good Luck everyone! And Keep moving!
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