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My snoogle came today. I am excited. I hope that it helps me sleep better. I'm not comfortable on my left side because of my shoulder muscles. I end up on my right side most of the time, but I keep waking up on my back, which never used to happen.

Hopefully the pillow will help me sleep and be more relaxed. I had physical therapy today and I have exercises at home to do daily, Hopefully my shoulder muscles will relax some and I can sleep better on my left side.


On another note, I am sad that TB is changing tonight, I think I am super close to new bling (silver, I think) and with the new bump they don't have that. 

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Re: Pregnancy Pillow

  • Hopefully your snoogle helps :] I like mine, I have to fight for it lol.

    I'm going to miss my bling too haha
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    I hope that the pillow and therapy help you sleep more comfortably! 

    I am also sad about the bling, I am finally getting close to gold! 

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  • Hope the pillow helps, let us know. I'm starting to look at them
  • Love my snoogle! Hopefully you will too! I'm also sad to lose my bling.

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  • Hope the pillow helps! I'm already wishing I had one and I'm not even 8w yet.

    I'm also sad about the bling. I just made silver. Boo!
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  • I've been sleeping with a body pillow for years. For anyone that's used both is the PG pillow that much better? My body pillow isn't cutting it anymore but I'm hesitant to pay a bunch for something that may not be any better.
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