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any bilingual babies?

This is random, but...

I know that there are some ladies on this board who live in countries outside of the U.S. I always forget that in real life (outside of the bump world), you may not speak English. So, I'm just curious...are you teaching your babies both languages? Or, if you are in the U.S., but speak another language fluently, are you going to teach your babies early on?

I live in the U.S. and am not fluent in any other language, so it's not like I'm considering it or anything. I'm just curious. :)

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Re: any bilingual babies?

  • I live in Canada and was educated in the French school system.  I'm planning on putting DS in Froncophone school (even though DH and I are Anglos).  I'm going to speak French to DS early so he won't be completely confused when he starts Kindergarten, but I haven't started yet. 


  • DH is Peruvian, so we'll be raising DS bilingual EnglishSpanish. We both speak both languages, but the plan is for DH to speak to him in Spanish, and me to speak in English. Though we have a couple bilingual story books, and I read them in Spanish sometimes, since I'm the one at home all day ;


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  • I can speak Spanish, but I haven't really done it with my son. We've had a really hard time getting him to talk at all, so I didn't want to confuse him I guess. I will probably start soon though...

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  • We're in Canada and are thinking of French immersion schooling for LO, (neither DH or I speak French but it's quite helpful for the future when she's applying for jobs). My DH and I also speak separate dialogues of Chinese and would like to place her in weekend Chinese Cultural lessons. I thought this might be too much, but apparently, children at a young age can compartmentalize languages and have no problem learning multiple languages...here's hoping that's true!

  • DH is German, so we're raising the girls bilingually English/German. DD1's language development is a little slow, which isn't atypical for bilingual children. I'd say she says about 50% of the words she says in German and 50% in English. Of course, there are many that are the same in both languages (she calls balls "Kick" which is the same in both, for example). She understands both languages really well, though. Definitely at the level of a monolingual child of her age.

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  • alakealake
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    My five will speak at home:
    French, which is my first language and English.
    DD1 will start Spanish in school in September.
  • Why is mine just showing code?  Gah, I'm too tired to do this properly, I think.  I'll try again tomorrow.

  • We have a billingual home and both DH and I speak our own languages and switch between the language we speak together. I was worried this would be confusing to my kids, but LO1 seems to be doing well. He is 3.5 now and started out with more English than Swedish, then started preschool and stopped speaking English much at all. We are in the US now and it took 3 days before he was speaking fluently -- and many were shocked at how much English he could speak (myself included). I was also amazed at how good he was with pronouns.... 

    We will see how LO2 does with 2 languages, but it seems to have gone well. I actually think it is harder here to have English as a second language -- most adults around him understand when he mixes languages and do not correct. Where as if you mixed Chinese in, everyone would just make you repeat yourself until you got the right word. 
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  • We already speak to LO in different languages.  My girlfriend is fluent in French and speaks to her in French, I speak in English and respond to girlfriend in French when around LO, and LO's father speaks German with her.

  • My 3 year old is fluent in english and Spanish :)) and this baby will be fluent in both as well :)))
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