Pregnant after a Loss

hard to believe!!!

This morning at work a coworker asked how far along I am and I said 13w4d. She popped off with "so you just hit 2nd tri?!" Then it hit me....I made it to 2nd tri!!! This is actually becoming more real!
imageimageMy hubby and I have been together since 2008. Married 3 years in Dec. DX with PCOS and annovulatory hypothalamus. TTC for about 3.5 years. Timed cycles on Clomid July and Aug 2012, missed Sep due to irregular cycle. We started clomid again in Oct 2012 and did the ovidrel trigger again with a IUI on 11/1/12. BFP! mmc on Dec 21. D&C 2 rounds of Letrozole and IUI #3 BFN April 2013 Follistim injections May 15, 2013 BFP! Stick baby stick! EDD Jan 24th, 2014image


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