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A/S today, anyone else have excessive fluid around baby's kidneys?

We had our A/S today and generally things look great. There was some extra fluid around the baby's kidneys that was a little concerning. We will have to follow up (with the MFM I presume) at 32 weeks. It happens for 6:100 babies, so it's not common or particularly uncommon, I guess.

It rained on our parade a little bit, especially bc H's sister and mom have kidney issues. We were pretty excited that DD had no issues and kind of assumed that since it was in 2 females in his family we need not be on alert with a baby boy. Perhaps, that was a little too optimistic.

It might be totally fine, or a bigger deal. Anyone have experience with anything similar?

After a loss and 4 IUIs, a surprise BFP while on rest cycle due to cysts and "supercharged ovaries" brought us baby M.
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Re: A/S today, anyone else have excessive fluid around baby's kidneys?

  • I'm sorry the A/S didn't come out perfect.  Is the fluid IN the kidneys or just around it?  Is there fluid in the ureters too (the duct that drains urine from the kidneys into the bladder)?

    M was diagnosed with megahydroureter and hydronephrosis on his due date.  Basically, his left ureter was swollen up (because of obstruction where it empties into the bladder), and the fluid backed up into his left kidney.  I've had prenatal u/s all along and it was never noted, until my final ultrasound done at 40w.  I was referred to a pediatric urologist prenatally (M was born 8 days past due), and we f/u with an ultrasound and VCUG at 3 weeks.  Everything was stable and we went for another f/u at 6 months.  At 6 months, the degree of swelling has gone down from 5->3, so we were told no intervention and to f/u again at 18 months.

    I'm not sure if that's what they're seeing on your A/S?  It isn't uncommon and the urologist said 90+% of cases resolve on its own and do not need any intervention.

    Another PAIFer's LO also had this, but I forgot who it was.  

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  • I dont have any advice but wanted to give you hugs. Hope you get some answers soon and that it turns out to be nothing to worry about.


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  • No great words of wisdom here but I have to say it is a good thing that they picked this up on u/s now & they can monitor things & treat if necessary when LO is born.  My DS has severe kidney reflux that was never picked up on u/s despite weekly u/s for months.  He ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics for several weeks when he was just three weeks old & it tooks them days to diagnose him.  I know it's a concern for you but it is good that they are aware of it now & it may turn out to be nothing.  Best of luck!
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  • I have no experience but sending thoughts and prayers that everything is alright with your LO.
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  • mg0202mg0202
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    Is it fullness of the kidneys?  I am not sure of fluid around the kidney, but dilatation of the collecting system of the kidneys is fairly common in boys.  There are different degrees, do you know what the measurements were?  A lot of times it will resolve itself after birth.  The will probably do an ultrasound of the baby after he is born to see how things are and continue to monitor in utero.  I am very hopeful this will be just fine ((hugs))

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  • MG, I believe they said there was "fluid around the kidneys" and although they didn't give me specific measurements, I'm pretty sure I noticed the measurement at the time it was completed as 5-6 mm.

    Basically, they said that if there was this amount of fluid at 32 weeks they would not be concerned, but it was too much for this stage in development

    RoseHQ, I think kindey reflux is the issue that H's family has (or at least part of the issue) they also mentioned problems where the ureter connects to the kidneys requiring surgery to reconnect them. When I mentioned this to the MFM he said that the condition isn't clearly genetic, but what we were seeing could be consistent with the condition I described.

    I am still hoping it's totally resolved before birth, but if not, you are completely right we are lucky to know now. I guess the monitoring for AMA has some advantages ;)

    After a loss and 4 IUIs, a surprise BFP while on rest cycle due to cysts and "supercharged ovaries" brought us baby M.
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  • Oh cinci, I'm so sorry to hear that. It must be so scary, especially given family history. I will be sending lots of T and P that it's nothing to worry about. Hugs!
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  • I don't have experience with this, but these kind of scares SUCK.  I really hope it just resolves on it's own and is nothing to worry about.  

    These boys need to go easy on us ... gesh.  
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  • No experience but I hope everything turns out okay

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  • I'm sorry you received troubling news. Hopefully this is the sort of thing that might resolve itself by the next u/s?
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  • Thinking of you and your sweet LO and praying that everything turns out to be just fine. Big hugs, mama!
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  • Thanks for the kind words everyone, we are feeling positive and keeping the news to ourselves until we know more. Thinking good thoughts :)
    After a loss and 4 IUIs, a surprise BFP while on rest cycle due to cysts and "supercharged ovaries" brought us baby M.
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