Grey Hair

I got 2 silvers when I got married, two with DS1 ans 2 more with DS2.  They are perfectly symmetrical and I pluck them monthly.

One grandmother is completely silver, the other is almost bald.  I'll take the silver, thank you very much!

I have friends and family much younger than me who have been dying their hair for years to cover all the greys, I consider myself very lucky.

Do you have grey hair?  Let it show?  Pluck it?  Dye it?

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Re: Grey Hair

  • My beard has flecks of salt to go with the pepper.

    I have a friend on facebook who isn't 40 yet and is totally gray. He had gray temples in his early 20s.
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  • Not yet.  I am naturally blonde, but dye my hair brown so I think I would just continue dying it. 
  • I have some pop through. I have been dying my hair since I was 19, though, so they don't last long. If it's in between dye jobs, I try to hide them, but if they're way out there, I pluck them.

    DH has definitely moved into "salt and pepper" territory. I still think he looks much younger than he is, though.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • Yep, I have a silver streak at my temple. I used to dye it, but now I just leave it.

  • Have had em since I started teaching at 23ish. The first one I noticed, pointed it out to DH (who said, "don't worry, that is just blonde"). Used to joke that I could attribute specific hairs to specific students. Now, too many grey hairs to keep track of. I get hair dye weaved in every so often and the greys are not nearly as noticable.

    My sister has a friend who was mostly grey before they graduated high school. Everyone is different.
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  • I have gotten quite a few random threads in the top of my hair since getting married and having two kids in the past two years. I have always dyed my hair, but I pluck them when I see them.
  • I'm naturally blonde so my greys are white. They look terrible. I pluck as many as I can and have my colorist weave in a bunch of dark low lights to cover the rest.
  • I have a decent amount, mostly at my hairline.  My hair is dark brown so it's completely obvious so I dye my hair.  But those little suckers are so stubborn and it never lasts long.

    However, I just had my hair cut last Friday and while I was there, one of the other stylists was drawing on her client's hair with a marker.  So I asked my stylist about it and they make hair markers specifically to cover up the greys for in-between dyes.  I was astounded and am still kicking myself for not buying one right then and there. 

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  • I have a good bit for only being 23. I noticed my first one at 15 and now I would have a Stacy Londonish streak if I didn't dye it. I dye it pretty regularly though. My mom is mostly gray and is 54 and she dyes hers too. We get it from my grandfather who has been silver as long as I can remember


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  • If I have any I have noticed it yet and my hairdresser hasn't told me about it.  I do have a light blonde/ dishwater blonde hair color so maybe it just blends in.
  • I've got some.  I only pluck the ones that grow out of the top of my head.  The ones that are hiding underneath the rest of my hair I leave, for now.  I might dye my hair one day but once you do that it's really hard to stop.

    DH got his first gray hair when he was a Jr. in high school.  He is now probably 60% gray at 31.  He rocks it, though.  Men have it so easy.   

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