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Stick baby, stick (BFP)

I am nervous to even be typing this, but I'm pregnant! The last time I was pregnant I miscarried so I'm praying for this baby to stick! 

Last Friday at 10dpo  I took two Wondfo HPT with FMU and saw faint lines on them both. Not squinters, but not dark. I wasn't ready to call it yet but I posted about it in the 2WW. Friday night I woke up at midnight and was paranoid I might have a bad batch of wondfos so I tested with an FRER and got a light pink line. I've been testing each morning since then (except this morning) with FRERs and have been getting stronger lines. 

What we did: sex O-3, O-2, O-1 and O. We didn't hit O-2 last cycle. I drank lots of water and actually ate pineapple core from 1-4dpo. **I also made sure to come immediately before AND after DH did on O-2 and O-1. I didn't come after on my last cycle.  I'd like to think that helped this time around**

How I Told H: Friday morning I tested just after he left for the entire weekend so on Sunday morning when he got home I made us both a big breakfast and basically blurted it out because I had been holding it in for 2 freaking days!! He was excited but I could tell a little shocked. I don't think it has sunk in for either of us completely. 

The mushy stuff: I would have never known about temping and tracking cycles if it weren't for this board. I actually wouldn't have known to HIO before my expected O day or even what my actual O day was! You've all been so helpful along the way. I'm really hoping for all of you to get a BFP soon!  Thank you for your help! 

EDD: according to FF - April fools day. If the baby is anything like me, this will be a very fitting birthday.  

 I don't know how to do pictures so I can't post my peesticks. Boo 

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