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Diaper helpers!!

So I really appreciate DH and my mom helping with diaper changes. But I honestly don't understand how it is confusing for them!

We have 13 BG NB AIOs and 3 FB XS. I have doubler for the BGs and we also have prefolds and covers.

I don't think that is a complicated stash. My mom can't remember to close the wash tabs. And she put on a FB without an insert and with a doubler laid in. Luckily there weren't any leaks yet!

And for our OS stash we have 17 BGEs and a handful of BG 4.0s and FBs. I told DH that DS fits into the OS so we could use them now. Well I haven't stuffed the pockets because I assumed we'd primarily use the BGEs.
I changed DS after DH was at work and he was in a pocket! Luckily the one he chose had a hemp insert in it because i had demonstrated diapers to my BIL/SIL. I'm surprised it worked, I wasn't sure if it was thick enough to work as an insert or if it was more of a doubler since I made it myself [3 layers of hemp/cotton fleece].

Anyone having trouble "teaching" your helpers how to help?

If they only knew how diverse other ladies' stashes are on this board!!

Re: Diaper helpers!!

  • I'm working on building my stash but DH insists we buy all the same type and style of diaper so it will be easier for him to change LO! Our compromise is that all of the dad friendly diapers will be in 1 drawer and I can do whatever I want. I'm guessing DH will be fine about putting diapers on it's what he will do with dirty ones that scares me. After being married for 3 years and in our house for almost 2 he still can't manage to put his dirty clothes in the hamper!
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  • DH is my only diaper helper. He never uses the laundry tabs, but I forget often, too. It's hard sometimes with a squirmy toddler. I also always have the diapers stuffed and ready to go for him (and for me, for that matter). If there is something I don't want him to use (like diapers that are too big right now), I make sure and put them in a different place from the regular stash. When he's in a hurry, he's not going to check to see if there are inserts or if it's an AIO. He's just ready to throw a new diaper on the booty and cover up the raging fire hose.

    Also, kklamb, I just have DH put the wet/dirty diapers on top of the lidded trash can. This way I can unstuff and fix the laundry tabs before it goes into the wetbag. It's right at the end of the changing table, so there is very little thought involved. It works great for my very messy hubs. 



  • The best thing you can do it have your stash prepped and ready.  I know its frustrating, but if you're not excited about Cloth then it is confusing.  Just think back to when you were first thinking about cloth, it was overwhelming.  It you want a doubler, then pair a doubler inside the dipe in the pile waiting to be used.  If you want him to use pockets, have them prestuffed...just to save your sanity.  My H still hasn't got the hang of it. 
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  • I just make sure all of the pockets are stuffed and ready to go. DD is not a fan of diaper changes so there is no way she (or I) would have the patience to stuff a pocket on the fly. V

    In your specific situation, if your LO fits into OS BGs, just retire the BG NBs that require a doubler. I can see how that would be overly complicated. 

    And if all else fails, just keep the diapers you want your helpers to use in a specific place, pre-stuffed if needed. I have DD's in bins by type. DH uses the 'pocket' bin exclusively. It's nbd.

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  • I actually take it a step further. Everything is stuffed and put separated in drawers. That way if I want him to put a BG on her I just say use the middle drawer.

    It saves a lot of frustration.
  • Yep! I need to reorganize!

    I just tried a OS on baby yesterday so the whole idea that they fit is new! I definitely plan on pre stuffing the pocket diapers, but I didn't have them that yet.

    I can't believe my almost 4 week old fits in OS diapers!! I love the tiny fluff!
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