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So long, ladies.

Well I guess I'm out of here.

On Saturday night I was trying to have a BM and was straining slightly. I felt a strange popping sensation in my vagina. I reached down and felt what seemed like a balloon almost protruding from down there.

I stopped trying to use the bathroom and my husband rushed me to the ER. it was 12:30 in the morning.

When we arrived, the ER doctor did a quick ultrasound and the baby was 100 percent okay. Just moving around, doing its thing.

He then did a vaginal examination and that's where it all went down hill. Apparently my gestational sac was coming out of my cervix. That was the balloon I felt earlier.

They called my OB in and they transferred me to the OB deptartment. Apparently, I had a slight tear in my placenta and that caused my body to go into labor mode. Causing my cervix to open slightly and the sac to come down. The worst part was that our baby was perfectly healthy. It was my body that betrayed me. It wanted to deliver and there was nothing anyone could do.

From there, they tipped my bed almost all the way back with hopes that gravity would help the sac go back into the uterus. I was laying there like this for a few hours when I had the urge to vomit and when I did, the pressure of it made my water break.

So that was it, I had no other option but to try and deliver my baby. Even though that meant it wouldn't survive outside of me.

I was put on pitosin and I was in labor for nearly 30 hours. I had barely progressed and on Monday morning we made the hard decision to have a DC. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I just couldn't keep up anymore.

We lost our little one on Monday July 22nd at 8:00 am. It was a little girl.

I miss her.

Good luck to all of you ladies in your pregnancies. I pray that you'll all be healthy and have chubby little perfect babies.
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