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I am the .001% (heartbreaking A/S)

or whatever the hell Sequenom's false negative rates is at this point in time.

  1. MaterniT21 told me it's a boy.  This baby is presenting ALL girl.  Has none of the classic traits of XXY. 
  2. She's measuring 2 weeks behind.  My peri thinks there is a chance she trisomy 18. Sequenom gave me the all clear on everything.
  3. My peri is fairly certain she has a neural tube defect - right now she has Dandy-Walker Syndrome.
  4. I'll have the initial results of my amnio tomorrow, the next set by the end of the week and the complete set next week.  The microarray will take a bit longer.
  5. I've been referred to Columbia's Center for Prenatal Pediatrics and am waiting for them to call me with my appointment date.  I'll be having a full day of testing there.
This is devastating, heartbreaking, whatever you want to call it.  Right now I'm really just numb.  I cried during the ultrasound when I saw how off she (?) was measuring.  When the tech showed the genitalia I stared at the 3 lines wondering WTF was going on, thinking I was in the Twilight Zone or something.

5 cycles of "TTC" - 3 intentional, 2 not so intentional.  5 BFPs.  My rainbow arrived 10/15/14.
TFMC 08.02.13 at 19+ weeks. Everyday I grieve for my little Olive.


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