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How long between naps

and how old??  I'm still trying to figure DD out.  She used to be up 1 1/2 hours then down for a nap on schedule.  She doesn't show signs of being tired.  After about 2 hours she will yawn if I'm swing or rocking her but I'm just afraid to go more than 2 hours so I try then and it usually works.  DD is 20 weeks old.


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Re: How long between naps

  • Like 2-3 hours now at almost 14 weeks. He is a day time trooper. 
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  • our LO can go 2-3 hours. She's almmosstt about to drop that last nap-yesterday I think she just took 2 naps, but went to bed earlier than normal because she couldn't last.  Yesterday i think it was

    7 am -wake up

    915-nap, fought it pretty hard though

    11-wake up

    1:45/2 (We weren't home so my dad and step mom put her down)-nap, they said she didn't fight it

    4-wake up

    6:45/7-down for bed

    she woke up around 630 today like normal

    she's 19 weeks.  i just watch her-she tends to gaze off. she can be yawing for 30 minutes before I put her down, so that's never reliable

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  • DD is 4 months and she struggles if she goes beyond 2 hours in the day.  She has hit that phase where she doesn't want to miss anything by falling asleep so she really fights her naps.  She STTN 10-11 hours.
  • I am working on tracking it, but it seems like she goes for about 2 hours. I was putting her down at 730, but last night it worked out to go down at 630 and the naps today have been much easier. I am sad since 630 really means no ability to do anything in the evening with LO.
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  • 4 and a half months and about two hours between naps.

    Not quit as long if he doesn't get a long enough nap. It averages out to about 3 or 4 a day.


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    DD is 4 months and is awake 2hrs between naps. Doesn't matter if the nap was 45 mins or 2 hours. 99 of the time she only naps for 45 mins.

    ETA: that should read 99 percent.

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  • DS2 can only go, at most, 2 hours between naps. Anything more than that and he is Mr. Crankypants. Usually it is more like 1.5 hours.

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    She goes 1.5hours max between naps.  She does not fight them at all.  A kiss on the forehead is enough to cue her to pass out within seconds most naps.  In the early morning she goes 30-45min then is back down for a nap (typically a 2-3 hr nap).

    The rest of the day her naps range anywhere from 45min to 3hrs.  She does not sleep through the night but sleeps 6:30pm-6:30am (with a couple quick feeds). It is not uncommon for her to sleep a total of about 18hrs a day if we are home all day.  If out and about she'll nap less due to interruptions.


  • anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3. One day she was awake 4 hours straight because she wasn't fussy at daycare. she STTN that night. I try to put her down when I think she might be tired. if it's been two hours, I'll rock her and she's out within a minute. If she's super tired she will fall asleep whereever she is.
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