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Could it be the Mirena?

I'm going to post this to a couple of boards.

I got the mirena the first week of April. The beginning of June I noticed some joint pain and a little bit of muscle fatigue. Very odd, I've never had this before. It's gotten much much worse in just over the month since it started. My hands, feet, and hips are the worst. It hurts like crazy when I walk, open things, even trying to get DDs clothes and diapers on cause quite a bit of pain.
I did some googling and came across joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis as a mirena side effect! WTF?! Some said that the mirena being silicone can create a silicone poisoning. Others say it can create an autoimmune response having a foreign object in your body causing it.
I mentioned this to my sister this morning and she told me two of her coworkers had that happen, one is having to have surgery to remove hers next week because it also imbedded into her uterus. She works in an OR and went in to tell me about various mirena issues she's seen. She did say something before I got it, but I didn't pay attention.
Would you call your dr and explain what you think us causing it it just call and give an overview of your symptoms and have them figure it out? I really don't want to sound line some crazy lady, but I can not deal if this gets any worse.

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Re: Could it be the Mirena?

  • I recommend being persistent until you are satisfied with the answer. it's difficult, but you must be your own advocate.

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  • My mom has rheumatoid arthritis. She thought at first her one wrist was broken. After getting x rays she realized it wasn't. Then it felt better and a few weeks later she thought it was her other wrist. They had her tested for Lupus as well.
    I had the Mirena and it was the flipping devil. I cramped everyday from the moment I had it in and it hurt so bad to DTD and even hurt my DH's junior member.
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