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Similac to Target Brand

We have been using similac advance due to the large # of coupons I had.  Now that I am out of coupons I was thinking of making the switch since he tolderates it just fine, Ive heard nothing but good things, and it is much cheaper.

Anyone make the switch?  Thoughts &/or advice?


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Re: Similac to Target Brand

  • slh33slh33
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    I know, the price difference is unreal!  We have a BJs membership....I wonder what their brand is like.


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  • image AmyG2b:
    We did it, and it has been just fine. You really can't beat that price!

    This for us. DS does great on Target brand.
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  • image ta78:
    If you have a Costco membership, get the Kirkland. 17 for a 36oz can, it says it makes 262oz. Either way, we switched and had zero issue and now we pay half as much.

    we use Kirkland with no issues!!
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  • We made the switch from similac sensitive to target sensitive, no problems. Highly recommend
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  • We did Similac for the first two months and then made the switch. DS did great with the change and we save a lot (even more than using the formula checks because the Target tubs are $21 for 40oz rather than the 23.3oz for $23). 

  • shanie33 said:
    I know, the price difference is unreal!  We have a BJs membership....I wonder what their brand is like.
    We've been using BJs since my son was a few weeks with no problems. It's basically the same as Similac. And so much cheaper!
  • tjlfy6tjlfy6
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    When wee began to supplement, I used the free Similac Sensitive that I received in the mail. After, I switched to the Target brand. What I didn't know was that on the Target brand formula for Similac Sensitive, you can use the Similac coupons. So in the end, I get the 21.99 for 16.99 plus 5 percent off with my Red card. I have been doing it for months, only one person has ever questioned me!
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