How long you plan on BF?!

I am a FTM, and I am planning to breastfeed if he latches on and everything is successful.  

I will be returning back to work after the six, maybe seven weeks (It'll be around Thanksgiving). I will be working full-time, and still plan on pumping again if all goes well. 

My question is how long to mother's usually tend to breastfeed there babies?!




Re: How long you plan on BF?!

  • I think you will get wildly different answers from many people. My advice would be to try your best and see what works for you. If you want to avoid formula entirely, you will need to go for a year. A lot of people stop at a year, but you can go longer if it works for you and your baby.

    I intended to breastfeed until I went back to work at four months, but it wound up working out so well that we continued until he was 15 months. At that point, he was down to one nursing session before bed and my supply just tanked. And that wound up being the right time for us to stop.
  • Everyone has different goals and even with those "goals" the reality can change the situation.

    I was planning on breastfeeding till he had teeth.

    But he didn't get his first tooth until 10 months, so then it made sense to just continue to 1 year.

    But at 1 year, flu season was upon us, so then it made sense to continue until 18 months.

    But at 20 months he got sick and DH went out of town, so we added back in the nursing session we had dropped, and at 21 months I'm still nursing once a day. 

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  • I nursed DS for almost 15 months and plan to do the same with DD. I also work full time and while pumping is a pain, is worth it so we can breastfeed when we're together. DS kind of self weaned because I was pregnant. I don't see DD self weaning anytime soon.
  • My original goal was 6 months.  Once I made it to 6 months I realized that I enjoy  bonding and cuddling with LO during our nursing sessions.  I then moved my goal to a year.  We recently made it to one year and I have decided to let LO self wean. I plan to introduce milk soon as I will no longer be pumping at work.  I will continue to nurse LO in the AM and PM until she decides to wean or my supply dries up. 
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  • With both kids I planned on a year. DS was in the NICU, couldn't latch was given bottles and wouldn't latch without a nipple shield. He didn't transfer enough milk and gave me vasospasms. I ended up EPing and weaned at 5 months. DD is almost 7 months, latched so much better and we are going strong.
  • I had originally said at least 6 weeks, then 3 months, then 6 months.  He's now 16 months and we're still going strong. 

    ETA: I also work FT and pump while at work.  I went back to work at 6 months PP.

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  • Agree with PP about waiting and seeing. Things can change depending on your circumstances and you shouldn't feel bad about a change in plans.  

    I was adament about BF for at least 6 months, preferrably a year. After we struggled for a week with a terrible latch I said I was done...but kept going. Then I got thrush and a blocked duct at ~6 weeks and almost quit...but kept going. Now I'm back a work and pumping...but still going. I think I was lucky things worked out and I had a fairly easy time, but I also attribute some of it to my stubbornness (and cheapskate-ness...formula is expensive!). Thankfully things are going really well and I am enjoying BF at night/morning and fine with pumping during the day.

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    I'm 7 1/2 months in. I pump at work, EBF at home. I plan to pump until 12 - 14 months and BF in the morning and evening until LO self-weans.
  • I went back to work at 12wks, but was on medical leave for 1012wks shortly after returning from maternity leave. BFing has gone great and we have had no need to supplement....this was not my experience with my last baby. LO is 11months today and I plan on weaning whenever is she ready. Hopefully that will not be until she is at least 2!
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  • My long term goal is 1 year.  Right now, it is to make it to the allusive "miracle 6 weeks" that everyone talks about. 

    ETA: I go back to work in Nov, so LO will be 4 months old and I'll pump at work. 

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  • My goal is to EBF for a year and then after that as long as we both want.

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  • I made little goals (with a big goal as well).

    First it was, breastfeed for two weeks. Then it was 6 weeks. Then 12 weeks. After twelve weeks, I was pretty sure I could get to a year. So that became the target!

    We have now passed 1 year of breastfeeding and DS is still nursing twice each day. Occasionally he does ask in the middle of the day, and if he can't be pacified with a drink and a snuggle or a snack, then I do allow him to nurse. Most days it's just morning and evening though.

    Do what you can. Know that it will be hard work. You might hate it some days, and power through and then the next day is amazing and you love breastfeeding that day. I do think it is a lovely experience. Good luck to you!

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  • My goal is to EBF for a year and then after that as long as we both want.

    This is us too. We are at over ten months so we are close to a year but neither of us is ready to wean.


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  • I did 7.5 months with ds1 which included some supplementing at daycare before U finally gave up. I could never keep up. My goal had been 6 months and I was happy just to have made that.

    This time things are better. I have 200 oz in the freezer and growing, so I'm hoping to make it to a year.

  • My long term goal is 1 year.  Right now, it is to make it to the allusive "miracle 6 weeks" that everyone talks about. 

    This is the same for me.

  • With older ds we stopped 15 at months when he decided he was done. I would have gone until 2 if he had wanted to. I will go at least one year and see what dd wants to do after that.
  • I'm almost at 6 weeks which was a huge goal for me! :-)  I'm so proud of myself for making it this far.

    I'm not sure how much longer I will go.  If I wasn't having weight gain issues with LO I could probably easily get to 6 mos.  I could fit pumping into my work schedule up until then.  My schedule changes in Jan and it doesn't allow time for pumping so I would probably stop at that point no matter what.

  • Until you start the breastfeeding journey, it is really hard to pin down just want you might be able to do.  I think it is better to commit yourself to trying to breastfeed and doing all you can to get started on the path.  Then take a look at how long you want to go.  

    I definitely had a rough start and really just wanted to make it to 3 months.  Did that, so I said next goal was 6 months.  Reached that one and here we are 10 months later.  I am fairly confident we will make it to a year at which point I will see where we are and take it from there.  My husband and I want to have another baby soon and so that might influence how long I go for.  Who knows. I do love the special bonding time with my son and when nursing is going well, it is a highlight for me.  

    Good luck on your journey!  
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    I plan to BF until she decides to stop, but definitely a year at least. We just hit 8 weeks today!
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  • I plan on breastfeeding until 12-18 months. I originally planned to breastfeed from 9-12 months but now that we're almost to 9 months I don't see the need to stop just yet, but I'm thinking 12 months feels right for us. He's showing a lot less interest in the breast and a lot more in solid foods any way so i'll probably slowly cut down on feeds (he only gets 4 boob feedings now anyway) over the next 4 months and then be done.
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  • With DD #1 I BF until she was 14 months, then she weaned herself. With DD#2 I'm EP since she was in the NICU but she's slowly getting the hang of BF. I want to go at least a year, but will have to decide when we get there.
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  • My goal was 6 months and now as that gets closer is 4 months I am thinking about trying for 9 months.
  • My goal was 6 months for all three. At 8 months with DD1 I was ready to be done, so I weaned her over about 6 weeks. When DD2 was 7-8 months I went on vacation and ended up really dehydrated and my milk was just gone. She didn't seem to miss it, so we just moved on. Things are going well with DS, but I just feel a bit over it. I'll probably keep going to 8 months, but we'll see.

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  • I had said "at least a year" from the beginning...and I definitely feel that's attainable. LO is already 15 weeks and there have been no hiccups so far (refusing the bottle, but that makes bfing even easier! :) )
    I've really come to love nursing with LO a lot, so we'll get to a year and then see how it goes :)
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