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FTM feeding question

My baby boy just turned 16 weeks old. He wants to eat every 34 hours. I heard that as they get older, feeding's slows down and you get longer stretch's between feedings. True??? My thoughts on that is , as they GROW they need even more food! But what do I know, not much lol.
What are your feeding times like?
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Re: FTM feeding question

  • Three to four hours is what I meant to say. Mobilenot every 34 hrs lol
    DUE DATE ~ April 15 2013
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    My son just turned 20 weeks Friday and we still feed every 3-4 hours. He's up to 6 ounces a bottle now and just started going 4 hours (sometimes 3 1/2) between bottles.

     My niece will be a year old next week and while she's never been on a true schedule (SIL just feeds on demand and never noticed the time in between), she always has a sippy cup of formula with her. She breast feeds at nap time and before bed only now, they're trying to wean, so that's twice sometimes 3 times. She also has solids at every meal and as an afternoon snack. I would say her feeding times haven't necessarily changed, just what she eats and how much.

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  • Well, every four hours isn't all that crazy and I consider that "stretched out."  Think about how you eat - breakfast at 8, lunch around noon, dinner around 6.  He's not that far off from how an adult eats (plus we probably toss at least one snack in there somewhere). 
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    Our daughter will be 6 months next week and she drinks 8oz of formula every 4 hours or so.  Her last bottle is usually around 9-9:30 and she sleeps through the night until about 7.  I give her baby food (1tbsp) in the afternoon and rice cereal (1tbsp) in the evening.  The baby food and rice cereal is more so she starts learning how to eat solids rather than for nutritional purposes.
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  • our LO in the past week or so just dropped to  a 4 bottle schedule. her feeding times look like

    7/730-"breakfast" bottle

    1130/12-"lunch" bottle

    330/400-"dinner" bottle

    7/730-night time bottle

    She takes anywhere from 6-8 oz per bottle, usually average 28 oz in a day.  She STTN from night time to around 6/7 in the morning. 

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  • DD is 18 weeks old and EBF. She eats around every 1-2 hrs and always has. The longest time she's gone without is ON, maybe 5 or 6 hours
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  • DS eats 4-6oz every three hours during the day. He generally will sleep 12 hours straight but sometimes will wake up between 8 and 10 hours to eat. So he's usually taking 5-6 bottles and 28-32oz in a 24 hour period. 

    ETA: He's been on this routine since about 4.5 months. Prior to that he would only take 3-4oz at a time and eat every three hours around the clock.  

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  • 3 to 4 hours is spaced out. Early on its 1 to 2.

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  • During the dy 3-4 hours is great, but I'd be trying to stretch him to 4 hours.  If he's not making it that long, it's probably time to up the ounces.  When they time starts shrinking, it's probably time to increase the voume by an ounce.  It'll take a few feedings for them to adjust, but they will.  Once they are getting enough during the day, the night stretches will lengthen and it will be wonderful :)

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  • 3-4 hours during the day is a stretch! My 4 mo nurses every 2 hours most of the day. DD1 and DD2 never went more than 4 hours without nursing or eating something. I don't even go more than 4 hours without eating!
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