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I cry every time...

Mobile: I cry every time...
The babies are born on a baby story. I become an emotional wreck. If DH comes home while I'm watching this he would probably laugh at how hysterical I get!

For the sake of writing an entire new post, here's a question for you ladies. I'm a FTM and I know that every one is different and it probably had nothing to do with it but my sister keeps saying I'm going to have this baby 3 to 4 weeks early. My mom had 4 kids and all of us were 3 to 4 weeks early and my sister had 2 kids and they both were 2 to 3 weeks early. So they both are betting it will be the same for me. Just curious if any one thinks there's any truth in this? TIA!!
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Re: I cry every time...

  • I'm a FTM too, but from what the doctors usually say, every pregnancy is different and every woman is different, so because your mom and sister delivered early doesn't mean that you will.


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  • I hope it's not true because the women in my family tend to go late!

    I also cry at a baby story. When we were TTC, I used tear up a bit but now that I'm with child, it really gets me going!
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  • My mom had my brother something like 2 weeks late (they didn't induce then), my sister was born two years later and they induced her, and then I was born 3 weeks early.  So, I think every time is different.

    Also, my LO was born at 40w 2d.  

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  • Do you follow your mom and sisters in other female related issues? I got my period the same age as my mom, they are horrible, throw up and pass out kind of horrible. Very hard pregnancies, super sick and painful. She was the exact same way.

    She went 3 weeks late with me, and spent 3 days on pitocin before they did a CS. I went a week late and asked for an induction. It was a Long hard painful labor. But I didn't need a CS.

    Take that as you want, just my experience. My sisters haven't had kids yet, so I'm the only comparison.
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  • Both of my sisters delivered midwife thought I may go early due to dilation and effacement......I delivered at 41w2d....

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    I have no experience but my birth class instructor said it has nothing to do with it. Her mother had all three children early and she had to be induced with her two from being overdue. I hope this is the case because I was super late. My original due date was the very end of June and I was born by csection on August 8th with my mother never getting to active labor. The doctors kept telling her she was having contractions though she wasn't feeling them for most of that month.
  • I think everyone is different. My mom had all three of hers either 3 or 4 weeks early, me and my sister had ours two days late.
  • I agree with other posters...every pregnancy is different.  Although sometimes it seems that you're destined for something specific to happen because it happened to everyone else, this isn't always true.  My mom, my sister, and all of my female cousins on my mom's side of the family had to be induced, so I was sure that DD would be late...she was born on her due date.  Maybe there is some validity to having other hormonal similarities with those relatives, as I know that my sister and my mom were very similar with their periods and my experiences were different with periods etc...
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  • Yeah I didn't really think it mattered but just curious as to how you ladies were with your family history. My sisters are betting on my due date now lol. We'll see what happens!
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  • Just because people in your family have their babies early doesn't mean you will. A friend of mine had her first daughter at 41 weeks, and her mom had both of her kids at 36 weeks. Every pregnancy is different.
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