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Hello! I have been stalking this board for a little while now and thought I would join in the conversation.

My husband and I have been married for a little over two years. I'll be 32 next week. We have been off BC since March and have been TTC for the past two months. This month, we've really committed and hope to see a BFP soon.

I know many of you temp and if this month is not our month, I plan to start when AF arrives. Last month I had a lot of phantom symptoms and was sure I was KU... then I had three days of spotting, which to me was implantation bleeding... then AF REALLY arrived and I knew it was all in my head. No phantom symptoms this month and I'm just trying to be calm and wait until my pd is late. We'll see... the TWW is torture! :)

I am looking forward to being on this journey with all of you! GL!  

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