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STMs Potty training question

Got kinda complaint sounding so I figured I'd warn you :) 


So I'm having some issues with my DD about potty training. We are being kinda relaxed about it since the whole 3 day thing didn't work. If she is naked she goes on the toilet. If she is wearing anything including big girl undies she goes in them. I know eventually that will work itself out but my biggest issue right now is that in the middle of the night she takes off her diaper and then pees in the bed. I am not sure how to keep her diaper on her. It doesn't seem to bother her too much to sleep on a wet sheet because she has only woken up like 2 or 3 times when it has happened, then in the morning I walk into a nasty smelling room. Not sure what to do. Should I just ride this out? I know I'm not going to punish her for doing it because that would be silly she just wants to be comfortable. It can just be frustrating that she shows so many signs of potty training and yet can't quite get there. I was kinda hoping she would be potty trained by December but it is starting to look like I'm just going to have pee sheets, cloth diapers and burp cloths to wash every day.

ETA: Sorry I forgot I switched to PgAL from my BMB!!! I hope it's ok that I asked this here?


Re: STMs Potty training question

  • The 2 year old I nanny for loves to take her diaper off. The only way I've found to keep her in a diaper is a onesie because she can't undo the snaps. As far as potty training I have no advice but goodluck!
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  • I agree with the onesie or maybe sleeper pajamas that she can't get out of as easily? I agree, I wouldn't punish her but dirty beds first thing in the morning is tough. Start with the jammies. Hang in there, mama! Potty training SUCKS. LOL!
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  • I'll see if i can get her in pj's again (she is going through a naked phase) I can tell she doesn't like being dirty she just doesn't want to take the time to go on the potty even with the promise of M&M's and marshmallows. *Sigh* I know she'll get there eventually. 
  • image kklamb10:
    The 2 year old I nanny for loves to take her diaper off. The only way I've found to keep her in a diaper is a onesie because she can't undo the snaps. As far as potty training I have no advice but goodluck!

    I think the onsies a great idea for keeping the diaper on. 

    The other thing I was thinking of, but I have never tried it, so it may be a disaster - but could you put the diaper on backwards so the tabs are in the back? 

    As far as potty training goes, I think a key thing is to make sure you take her to the potty regularly. Toddlers love to play and get distracted easily, so set a time, like say every 30 minutes initially. And every 30 minutes, put her on the potty. She most likely won't go that often, but do it anyways until she gets the hang of it. 

    Also, try getting some underwear that she really likes. For DD, we got Tinkerbell and Minnie underwear.  She could only wear them if she stayed dry, otherwise, she had to wear a pull up. That's a pretty easy reward that worked well for us.

    Good luck! 

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