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Devastating A/S

Hi Dec Ladies,

I have not posted in a week but I decided to share my sad news in the hopes that if any other Dec ladies have bad news at a/s that they know they are not alone.

At our A/S last Monday they discovered my baby boy has spina bifida, which is a neural tube defect. The Dr was shocked since I passed my 1st and 2nd tri screening tests, NT scan and materniT21 test. 

We were immediately set up at the Childrens Hospital for more tests. last week I had a high level ultrasound, amniocentesis and genetic counseling.

This week I go for a fetal MRI.

What we know so far is the hole in spine is covered, which is rare and why he passed the screening. This means his spine is safe from amniotic fluid. But he has a tethered cord, which basically means nerves are fused to the cord instead of being free.

Right now he has grown normally, has great movement, everything else looks great. They don't know what will happen as he grows.

I am so sad and scared. I appreciate any prayers and good wishes.

If any other Dec ladies have bad or scary news I'm here for them. But I hope no one else has bad news at their A/S.






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