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Yet another nap post ... talk me off the worry ledge?

Hi February moms!  

As you can tell from my post count - longtime reader, not a longtime poster (FTM, flying blind most of the time!).

So long and short of it - DS is almost 5 months, EBF.  He's never been a good napper, and I normally just went with it, but my maternity leave is over and he's with the nanny now.  He sleeps 12-13 hours and if he wakes up early, he babbles himself back to sleep, so I know he can put himself to sleep.  

Two things I was hoping you all could help me out with, and I KNOW they've been posted about, but even an "I'm in the same boat" might talk me off the cliff.

1 - he nurses to sleep.  Like a PP mentioned, he has no "drowsy but awake," so even if I tried, he'd pass out before I could put him down, and if I pull him off, he fusses because he's likely still eating.  He doesn't need a boob to fall asleep, but he falls asleep at the boob, if that makes sense.  The nanny/DH have been getting him to sleep, so I'm not terribly worried about this, but I fear night separation anxiety coming and putting him to bed already asleep.  Any tips for how to move slowly away from this?

2 - I think he's consolidating naps, but he's going from 2-3 shorter naps, to ONE long nap and 1-2 cat naps (10-20 minutes).  The long nap now can be between 1.5.-2.5 hours, but I just keep thinking he needs another nap, even a 30 minute one.  The long nap isn't until he's been up 4-5 hours(!), so that just seems abnormal to me.  He seems happy and not too tired, but I'm a confessed worrier. 

Can a five month old get by with one long nap and 12-13 hours of nighttime sleep?  

Thank you all in advance.  Reading from the sidelines, you all have been such huge helps - I wish I had more to contribute!  

Re: Yet another nap post ... talk me off the worry ledge?

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