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When do you take your PNV?

First thing in the morning? Middle of the day? Right before bed? Standing on your head? Sorry I got all Dr. Seuss with it at the end.

Re: When do you take your PNV?

  • Right before bed. I should change that because I often fall asleep before taking them.

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  • If I remember to take them, it happens right before bed.


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  • Whenever I look at the bottle on my kitchen counter.

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  • Lunch time. I eat a light breakfast and dinner and if I take them then I feel sick.

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  • I take them with my breakfast
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  • In the morning, with breakfast.
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  • Right before bed... They make me nauseous when I take them in the AM.
  • I have to take my thyroid medication first thing in the morning and it cannot be combined with calcium, so I try to take my PNV after dinner or before bed. 
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  • With dinner or whenever I remember them after dinner.  They don't sit well with me first thing in the morning.

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  • I take them in the morning, right after I finish my makeup--I keep them in the drawer with my makeup to help me remember to take them. They haven't made me feel sick, but I think it's partly because I take the gummies, and also because I usually eat something shortly thereafter. 

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  • Right after breakfast.
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  • I take mine right before bed. It makes me noshes otherwise.
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  • I usually take it before lunch.  I keep it on my desk at work so I remember to take it.

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  • image AlwaysAforeigner:
    I have to take my thyroid medication first thing in the morning and it cannot be combined with calcium, so I try to take my PNV after dinner or before bed. 

    This, and for the same reason I take it at bedtime.

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  • I keep them on the counter in the bathroom or else I forget. I take them when I get up to pee first thing in the morning.

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  • I keep them by my bed and take them before climbing in at night. I'm not a morning person and the taste would make me nauseous if I took them then.
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  • In the am after breakfast.  I need to eat something first or I get nauseous.   

  • I take them with either breakfast or lunch -

    Breakfast if I have something substantial to eat, lunch if breakfast is light. I do take them with food 'cuz if I don't I can get a little nauseous. I avoid taking them at night because seems like they wake me up... don't know why.

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  • rtv3rtv3
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    Early evening, with my dinner. It works best with my schedule and taking them in the morning was making me nauseous.
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  • I take mine just before bed. 
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    12/12 hysteroscopy=tubes clear. uterine septum removed
    01/13 fermara step up + iui=cancelled due to no response
    02/13 clomid step up + iui=cancelled due to no response
    07/13 gonal-f + trigger + b2b iui = bfn
    08/13 bravelle(slow response) switched to menopur + trigger + b2b iui = bfn
    10/13 - IVF#1 w/ ICIS. ER= 10/29/13 (21R 10F 6 blasts made it to freeze)
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  • image AlwaysAforeigner:
    I have to take my thyroid medication first thing in the morning and it cannot be combined with calcium, so I try to take my PNV after dinner or before bed.nbsp;

    Same for me.
  • In the morning.  I take gummies so they don't bother my stomach.  When I took regular PNVs I took them with lunch to avoid an up set stomach.







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