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To those who have been pregnant before

Sorry to be such a PW, but I have one more question :) 

If you've been pregnant before and are TTCing again, do you compare your tww symptoms from your pregnancy to the tww symptoms during your current tww? Does it even make sense to do that?

My most recent tww ended with AF, but during those two weeks, I couldn't help and compare every twinge to what I had during my tww when I got pregnant (I had some distinct symptoms back then). I remember them rather clearly and since I still use the same cycle tracking app, I can actually go and see my notes from that time. Could it be that the tww symptoms will be different each time and so it doesn't even make sense to expect the same symptoms?

I know... I should just relax, but I can't help thinking about those things.  

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Re: To those who have been pregnant before

  • I have been pregnant twice, the first ended in miscarriage.  The first pregnancy I felt crampy and had sore boobs the whole TWW and even had nausea before my BFP.  I still had significant symptoms at the time I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage. 

    My second pregnancy I had no symptoms for several weeks.  I was really upset because I was sure I was about to get my period and didn't even want to waste the test.  Well, it was positive and DS was born 9 months later.  I actually walked around at home poking at my boobs for weeks because they were not getting sore and I was sure it was a bad sign.

    Sorry that was rambly - but in answer to your question, they are all different, and you can compare, but it doesn't mean anything.

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  • I didn't have any symptoms at all during the 2ww when I got pregnant.

    All of my friends that have been pregnant more than once said their pregnancies have been so different from each other, regardless of it the sex of the baby was the same or opposite.

    So I am taking any symptom I get with a grain of salt. It doesn't mean anything to me until I see a positive HPT.

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  • Yes. But the only symptoms of early pregnancy with DD was extreme thirst and this weird twitching/pinching in the low pelvic area. Like tapping on my pelvic bone....maybe. It was hard to explain. 

  • I didn't have symptoms with either of my boys until I was about 5 weeks pregnant so no I don't put much thought into it. 
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  • No symptoms at all during my first pregnancy until I was closer to 6 weeks pregnant, that's when my nausea started. My last pregnancy ended in miscarraige and again nothing during the 2WW only started to be more tired the day before I mc
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  • I wasn't trying with my first, but I did not have any noticeable symptoms during the 2ww then. My first symptoms that were different from regular PMS symptoms didn't show up until I was about 6 to 7 weeks.
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  • I have been pregnant once before and am TTC again but have not had a 2ww yet.  I'm sure I will compare symptoms though, I think it's only natural to do so.

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  • With my first, I had one tiny spot of implantation spotting, and knew instantly that that's what it was. (It was the only time in 7 cycles of trying that I had this happen.) With my second, we hadn't been TTC, I was still breastfeeding and hadn't gotten a period yet, so I was totally unaware that I conceived. Around 6/7 weeks, I started having bad cramps, and that's how I knew to take a HPT, since I cramped during the whole first trimester with #1. So, if I did have any implantation spotting or earlier symptoms with #2, I was totally unaware of them. With that said, now that we are TTC#3 and I'm in the 2WW of cycle 1, I'm convinced that the fact that I haven't had spotting means there's no chance I'm pregnant. So, yes, I'm comparing symptoms even though I KNOW spotting is very rare, every pregnancy is different, etc. I think it's just our human nature to use our past experiences as comparison regardless of whether or not we KNOW there's no value to it.

  • image Ladiebug710:

    My second pregnancy I had no symptoms for several weeks.  I was really upset because I was sure I was about to get my period and didn't even want to waste the test.  Well, it was positive and DS was born 9 months later.  I actually walked around at home poking at my boobs for weeks because they were not getting sore and I was sure it was a bad sign.

    I did this, too! Everyone on my BMB was complaining about super sore massive boobs, and mine were a tiny bit sore and perhaps a few mm larger! 

    OP, I had no symptoms during the 2WW. I didn't really get any symptoms at all until about 6 weeks along. Symptoms during the 2WW could just as easily be PMS.

    ETA: With DS, I did have spotting at about 4 weeks.



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  • I didn't have any symptoms until I had a positive test with my daughter, so no.
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  • I was really nauseous and exhausted like I hadn't slept in days a few days before AF was supposed to arrive so that's when I tested. Im sure I had other symptoms but at the time because I didn't feel good and was so tired I didn't even notice.

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  • JsRibJsRib
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    I didn't have any symptoms until 6 weeks or so.  I didn't "feel" pregnant until 12 week.
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    I didn't have any symptoms until I had a positive test with my daughter, so no.

    Same here with DS.




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  • With my daughter, that was 19 years ago and I was on BCP when I got pregnant, so I wasn't looking for symptoms and didn't even know I was KU until I was over six weeks along. With my BFP in December that ended in a loss, I didn't have any symptoms anyways, I only knew to test because I was charting and temping and was 'late' as per my usual LP.

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  • I don't plan on it but I'm sure I will.  The only problem with that is that I didn't have any symptoms that weren't my typical PMS symptoms.  GL!

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  • My first pregnancy I had taken provera and thought I was about to get AF at any moment - so every symptom I thought was my period. Just shows you that the two are very, very similar. 

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  • Well, during my 1st 10 cycles TTC, the only cycle that I didn't have any "symptoms" was my BFP cycle. My first "symptom" was a +HPT. The sore boobs etc.. came later.

    ETA: After reading the thread, I see that I am not alone in my symptomless 2ww during my BFP cycle.

    So, I think when we start TTC again in the next month or so, if I have early symptoms, I will assume they are related to AF and not pregnancy. I guess we'll see.

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