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I never post this kind of stuff, but I just need to scream at someone right now and my babies are the only ones here, so a virtual scream will have to do.

MH works for a major insurance company, on the corporate side [not an agent]. They don't let you stay at one level of the ladder for too long; they want you to move up every few years or so. My H is at that point, so he recently applied for another position, finance manager. Well he found out yesterday that he didn't get the finance manager job. He REALLY wanted it, and was the only one in the running with any experience whatsoever. His undergrad degree is in finance, he has an MBA, and both management an finance experience. Just found out this morning that some douche who comes into work late every day, smokes weed in his car in the parking lot, sleeps with everyone in the office, and has ZERO qualifications or experience for this job got it, because he did his internship in that office and they know him already. SUCH BULLSHIT!!!! Now I'm dealing with a super depressed and super pissed husband, who just wants to get the fuckk out of there and is considering applying for the same position in MN!!! It pays so much more and that would be awesome, but I am terrified to move that far away! And I am just so pissed that we are even in this position! That guy didn't even want this particular job, he just applies because it was a promotion and a raise. MH actually really wanted the particular position, was SURE he'd get it because he was the only applicate even remotely qualified, and was so excited to do something he actually enjoyed! AAAAARRRRRGGHHHHHHHHGHHH!!!!!!


  • That sucks!  Sorry to your husband.  I can't stand when stuff like that happens.  My husband is ready to quit too because of a similar situation and I have no idea what is gong to happen.  Prayers that everything works out for the better even if that does mean a move though that would stink for you and your job as a doula.  
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  • That really stinks. I'm sorry. Hopefully it's just an indication that something better will be coming his way soon!
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  • PaddyBPaddyB
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    that really sucks!

    if you move to MN I know all the MN ladies would be thrilled to have you!  Also, I would totally hire you as a doula.

    eta: no I am not currently pregnant, but at some point I will probably be.

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  • Sally, I'm so sorry for your H. That really stinks. It really is all about who you know and how often you can suck up to them, it seems. I swear the best people get passed up for jobs and it's just not right. Major bummer.

    And yet I would be THRILLED if you moved to MN! Please, please, please make this happen! Seriously, I would love to meet you and your adorable offspring.

    ETA: If I do end up going with a doula during my next pregnancy you would be the first person I call. Seriously.

  • That sucks. I'm sorry Sally.


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  • This also recently happened to my husband, and it really upset him.  That sucks!  When my husband joined the military and moved us out to DC, I was terrified--no friends, no job, no anything!  But we make so much more money out here, I have met the three best friends of my entire life here, and even though we will probably end up back in Columbus at some point, this is the happiest I've ever been.

    I say have him go for it!  If he doesn't get it, you aren't any worse off than before, and if he does, you aren't obligated to take it!  Increase his network, give him that confidence boost, and decide about the move as you go. 

    Also--you already have friends in MN.  So there's one check off of your list!  Good luck, and so sorry about the situation!

  • You ladies really are so wonderful.  Thank you.

    And holy goodness, please excuse all the typos.  You can really tell I was pissed while typing that!   


  • That majorly sucks. I'd be looking elsewhere too.  Sorry that would mean a big move though!  Good luck and hope everything works itself out!

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  • That sucks a big one! I'm sorry yh is in that position. Good luck!
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  • Call the cops when he's smoking weed in the car.  Adios, a$$hole!
  • MN is awesome, and you could be near us MN gals Stick out tongue


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  • I'd be furious! I hate stupid crap like that. Makes me hope that whole department goes to hell once the new guy starts. So stupid. Grrrrr!
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  • Another MN girl chiming in. Move here! It's awesome really.

    But I would be pretty upset if I applied and someone like that got the job over me as well.

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  • That totally sucks!  It's so disappointing to be screwed over by your company.  It happened to me recently and it's a hard thing to get over.  I hope your H stays strong and keeps applying.  I hope he gets a better opportunity soon!
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  • I'd be making an anonymous call to HR and reporting the drug use. But I'm a vindictive biitchy narc like that.

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    I'd be making an anonymous call to HR and reporting the drug use. But I'm a vindictive biitchy narc like that.

    Me too
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    What just happened in my diaper?!
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