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Tuesday...twice the fun

Tuesday...twice the fun

To liven it up, let's do TWO letters today. 

 Today's letters are 'J' and 'K'.  All answers should begin with the letter 'J' and 'K'. No explanations, just one word answers. 

1. Name of the closest city/town/village, that starts with the letter 'J' and 'K'. 

2. Favourite boy's or girl's name that starts with 'J' and 'K'.

3. A word you find interesting for any reason, that starts with the letter 'J' and 'K'. (could be because of its definition, spelling, pronunciation, or any other reason...explanation of reason is not necessary).

4. A job you would never want to do, that begins with 'J' and 'K'.

5. The first item you see that starts with 'J' and 'K'. a food that begins with 'J' and 'K'.


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