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Eyebrow threading

Yay or nay? Never done it before, but thinking about it. Do they clean up with some tweezing or are they able to get even the stubborn hair that waxing misses. It seems like it would be so hard to get the tiny hairs. If you've done it, what's your preference versus waxing.

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Re: Eyebrow threading

  • I did threading once; I can't remember if I did my eyebrows or not but I definitely had the side of my face threaded.  It seriously irritated my skin afterwards; I would personally stick with waxing.
  • Definitely prefer threading over waxing, although to me threading is more painful versus a one and done quick rip with waxing.  It's better for your skin too since only the hair is pulled.  Where I go they will trim the hairs and also tweeze any of the tiny ones that are missed. 

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  • I prefer threading and have been doing it for a few years now. I get less irritation and less little break outs from the threading whereas the waxing left me red, sore and I would break out a little bit on the areas. 
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  • I love threading! It's just a cotton string so I'm not sure how it could irritate you more than waxing, but it just feels like the are tweezing a bunch at once. They normally have you pull the area taught and then they pull the hairs in a row. I have never gotten such a good line with any other method.

    Tip: make sure they are Indian, they are the most knowledgable in it and do the best job imo
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  • I prefer it to waxing. Waxing would leave me red for a full day after but with threading its only like an hour. It does a really good job of getting all the small hairs. Usually they finish by trimming the longer hairs.

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  • I love threading. I've actually never tried waxing bc I have sensitive skin and I thought it would irritate.

    They do trim and pluck any stubborn pieces at my place.


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  • I get it done and I love it.  It doesn't make my skin red or dry like waxing, and I don't get those red bumps/zit-thingies.  I feel like it hurts less than waxing on my brows but more on my lip (dunno why).  They do clean you up with tweezers and little tiny scissors afterwards.  They can really shape and contour your brow because the cotton thread removes 1 hair at a time if needed.
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  • hijoihijoi
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    I prefer threading to waxing too. It doesn't last as long as waxing though.
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  • Yay! Threaded eyebrows are the best I've ever had. Shockingly accurate and amazing shaping!

  • I've always wanted to try it, but the only place i've seen to get it done is a little kiosk in the middle of the mall. not really into public eyebrow grooming...
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  • For me, waxing hurts less, but my skin is more irritated than with threading.  I say give it a try and see how your skin takes it.  I've been happier with threading. :)
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  • Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to give threading a try this Friday and see if they can tame these wild beasts.

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  • Love threading! It only hurts as much as plucking and it doesn't bother your skin. Now I need to get mine done!
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  • I have actually never heard of threading Embarrassed  Now I need to go google.....

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