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Ok, I think August is out. I just can't handle the nick names. As a reminder, our daughter's name is Margaret.

So now we're working with:

Theodore (Ted? Teddy? Theo?) Benjamin

Holden Benjamin or Holden Thomas

Cohen Benjamin

Thomas Benjamin

Any other ideas are welcome. I'm going to the hospital with a list and naming him when I see him. I'm so sick of trying to go back and forth with my stubborn husband!


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Re: More help

  • Definitely not Cohen.  Not because it's not a nice name, but because of the connotations attached to it. If you are not familiar, read into it a bit (I hope that doesn't sound snarky!)

    Anyway-- I love both August and Margaret, so I think we generally have similar taste.

    I would absolutley 100% choose Holden.  It is such an awesome name, despite the CITR association.

    We also have Oscar, Henry and Hugo on our list, so I will add those as suggestions.

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  • August is my GP.  Since it's out though, I think all your other choices are nice with the exception of Cohen.  It's not my favorite.  Theodore nn Teddy is adorable IMO.


  • I like them all except for Cohen. Theodore/ Theo is probably my favorite.
  • I think I like Thomas and Holden best.  I really like Benjamin.

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  • I like them all except Cohen.

    I really like Theodore nn Theo. but I also really like Thomas.  It looks like you may use Thomas or Benjamin as MNs so maybe to cover your bases use Thomas Benjamin?

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  • image Serendipity117:
    I like them all except for Cohen. Theodore/ Theo is probably my favorite.

  • If it wasn't for Cohen I'd say you had fabulous taste in names!  Naming a child Cohen is really in poor taste.  I love Theodore and Thomas - especially with Margaret.  Theodore is my favorite name, so it gets my vote.
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