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how to adjust sleep schedule

My 3 month old is a great sleeper and we are thrilled he is up to 5 to 7 hr stretches at night. However those stretches are not when we want them. We usually get him to sleep between 7 and 9 pm and he will sleep until 1 and 3am. He is up every 2 hrs after that though. I have tried yo feed him again around midnight hoping that will help him sleep to 5 to 7am but he still wakes every 2 hours. Any suggestions?

Re: how to adjust sleep schedule

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  • Sorry, you can't. He's 3 months old. His brain does not have the capacity for any sort of sleep training etc. this is what you signed up for when you had a baby. The good news is, is that one day you'll get a solid nights sleep again

    Like what PP said, their stomachs ate small and it takes 2 hrs to digest breastmilk. Babies waking up is part of their survival.
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  • Not really anything you can do. Go to bed when baby does to get yourself a longer stretch? My LO only gives us 2hr stretches all night long so consider yourself lucky ;


  • At 3 months old there's really not much you can do to get them on the schedule you want. He will want to eat when he is hungry.
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    Since he's a good sleeper he will likely elongate that first stretch on his own. Give it some time - sounds like he's got a good sleep foundation which is awesome!
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  • I literally just posted about this two threads down before reading yours so I will just copy+paste :)

    Try keeping the lights off during MOTN feedings. Don't make eye contact, don't speak, and try not to make noise. This will let him know that it is still time for sleep and he shouldn't wake for the day at 5am.

    I do this with my baby. She sleeps from ~7pm 'til ~5am consistently before she wakes for her one MOTN feeding. I unswaddle her, change her diaper, feed her, re-swaddle, and back to the crib all in the dark and silence. She goes instantly back to sleep and wakes for the day at ~9am. It is awesome to get this much sleep!

    Also, she used to wake 3-4 times for MOTN feedings, but within 2 weeks of doing this, she weaned herself down to the one at 5am. I wasn't expecting her to do this, but it certainly was a welcomed surprise!
    I guess being awake with no lights on is just too boring :P
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    this is what you signed up for when you had a baby.

    Don't be a snot. She wasn't complaining, she asked a valid question.

    OP: sorry, there isn't much you can do except experiment with adjusting his bedtime. But it may not help. As she gets older he should sleep longer stretches though. Good luck.
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