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Belly button abdominal pain

Hey fellow mommystobe!

I am 28 weeks pregnant and it seems that overnight I've started experiencing pain in my navel and abdomen area.

I'm a petite person 5'0" and pre baby 98lbs, ive put on about 20lbs and expected some discomfort as my baby girl grows. But overnight it seems the area around my navel and stomach seems extremely tender and like my baby girl is moving right under my skin rather than deep in my tummy

This is my first baby so obviously I'm clueless haha I also have a hole where i has a navel ring Pierced 11 years ago so I'm not sure if the stretching of the scar tissue is contributing to the pain.

Does anyone else seem to have this problem? What do you do to cope?

Re: Belly button abdominal pain

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    Wow u sound a little like me! : I just turned 29 weeks today. Im a little bigger than u at 5'3" and 124 pre pregnancy. But ive gained 20 lbs too. I have a sharp pain in my belly button since yesterday but I get pains across my abdomen when walking and jogging. Its never like cramping for me more like ligament pain I think. Except the belly button pain recently! And now my "inny" is starting to become an "outy" finally! Obviously im not an expert to say anything being a ftm but this morning I had a dr apt and all she checked for was to make sure it didnt feel like a hernia had started in my belly button. How I cope? I try to practice all I can to tolerate pain. : providing it doesn't seem like something is wrong. But w ould be good to call n ask drs office I would think if it doesn't ease up. :

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  • Same problem here.  I just try to avoid the positions that seem to make it worse.  Usually the next the i feel better.  
  • I've had this happening every few weeks since about 16 weeks, seems to happen right before my belly gets bigger. I've haven't found anything that helps besides just taking it easy. It usually only last for 2 or 3 days for me.
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  • I get this too. I just assumed its because I have a very deep innie and its becoming an outie.

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  • Hi.  I had this really bad at the weeks you are all mentioning.  It is a little better now.  I asked my doctor because it is my first pregnancy and I worry over everything.  She said it is just the stretching and such from the baby getting bigger.  It made me feel better.  If you are worried I would just ask the doctor.  I had my belly button pierced 7 years ago and thought it was that too.

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