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Vocabulary #2

I read the vocabulary post and wanted to respond but when I looked at my list of words for G, I wasn't sure what counted as a word or not.  Many words he says are the initial sound, maybe the middle to but will trail off.  For example, for "water" he says, "otter." I just started to try to get him to say "more please." He says "mo," and when I say "please" he says "peeze."  

So is this what you count as words?  Do you count sounds of animals too? 

Re: Vocabulary #2

  • I count half words.  Anything she uses consistently to mean something.  For example, she says 'wawa' instead of water, and I count that as a word.

    I am undecided on animal sounds, so I put them separately if I make a list.   

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  • I asked the speech therapist about this and she said any sounds that are consistently used for something and not used to refer to anything else are a word. Ten minutes later she said that "Woohoohoo" didn't count as a word for Cody even though he only uses it to describe one book. ("Woohoohoo" is the first word of the Tigger book.) He says it and he goes to get the book if I say "woohoohoo," but apparently it isn't a word. She said that isn't the name for an object like "cup" or "book." It seems like defining what counts as a word is completely arbitrary.
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  • Yep, those count as words! My DD is 4 and still mispronounces words (like uses a d in place of a th like thunder = dunder). 
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    Yep, those count as words! My DD is 4 and still mispronounces words like uses a d in place of a th like thunder = dunder.nbsp;

    This. My 3 year old never stops talking and has what I consider a big vocabulary for his age. But he still mispronounces words. The words still count though. I agree that anything used consistently to mean one thing counts as a word. DS2 runs around all day saying Ma ma Ma Ma, but I still don't think it refers to me so I don't count it as a word; every time he sees a bird he yells Ba! So I count that.
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