Preeclampsia with didi twins

I'm 31 wks along with didi twins and I found out yesterday after having testes that I have traces or protien in my urine and preeclampsia ;
I'm now In hospital until I deliver.
Twin a is 1.9 kg
Twin b is 949 grams
Had a scan done yesterday twin b still putting on weight and now shows positive blood flow to the placenta after having my second lot of steriods.
So the c section has been put back a week .. this was before I found out I had preeclampsia .
Has anyone else been through this similar situation ? How far on did you go before you delivered with you preeclampsia ?

Re: Preeclampsia with didi twins

  • I was dx w mild pre e at 32w after a weekend in the hospital. I had elevated protein, marginal BP readings, and was seeing spots and floaters. I got steroid shots and after a boatload of observation that netted to nothing scary, I was released.

    I was monitored v closely, but in the end, my water broke at 34w and my pre e symptoms never got worse.

    If my water hadnt broken, idk how much farther I would have been able to go. Pre e can escalate quickly, but mine seemed to be the "slow burn" kind as I'd been having issues since 24w.

  • My blood pressure started rising around 31 weeks. I did not have any other preeclampsia symptoms. They kept monitoring me closely. At 32 weeks 3 days other symptoms started showing up and my doctor induced me. I had my babies at 32 weeks 4 days. Good luck!
  • I got pre-e with HELLP syndrome and I ended up having the girls at 34w4d. My BP was fine before then so I'm not sure what happened within a couple days (I had an OB appointment 3 days earlier). The signs did show up earlier but I had no idea that they were signs until after (seeing spots/floaters, blood not clotting properly, upper back pain).

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  • I was diagnosed with preeclampsia week 30, and rested and was able to fight it off until 36 weeks and a day when they wanted them out. I accredit keeping it at bay by eating well and full rest on my couch :) Good luck! I had the high proteins but my BP was fine until the end.
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