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Waiting for AF after my D&C

Hello all. I am so anxiously awaiting being able to try again. I had my D&C on June 20th, and still have not had my period. Does anyone know if I can still get pregnant, and is it worth trying now? My doctor did not give us any restrictions on trying again right away and said that I will ovulate before my period comes back. I am taking ovulation tests every other day and nothing has shown that I am ovulating.


Anyone having the same experience? 

Re: Waiting for AF after my D&C

  • If you ovulate, you can get pregnant, but that doesn't mean your body is ready.

    Please ask your doctor when you should start trying again as they can give you the best advice based off of your medical history.

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    Thank you!


    I've been back for my physical exam, drawn blood, and my doctor gave us the official green light to start trying again. I mentioned that above. 

  • I've not heard of any dr not giving u some sortof time line.....I would double check..but yes when u ovulate u could get pg....but your body just went throught trama as to speak I would give it some time to heal
  • Some doctors say that you can start trying again right away.  If your doctor said it's okay, and you are feeling emotionally ready, then there's nothing wrong with trying.  That being said, some people seem to ovulate before their first AF, and some people don't.  If you ovulate, there's a chance you can get pregnant.  If you don't, then you'll get AF before you have a chance to get pregnant (that's what happened for me).  

    If you are charting by taking your temperature every day, you can tell if you ovulate or not.  It sounds like you are using OPKs which will show if your body is gearing up to ovulate, but if you're only doing them every other day you might miss your surge.  It seems like so everybody's body takes a different amount of time to get to the first AF, so unfortunately there's no way to know when to focus on trying other than with what you see on the OPKs.  But if you're having sex, you have a chance of hitting your fertile window.  

    Good luck. I totally felt like you did after my miscarriage - anxious to be able to try again.   

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  • It took 41days for my AF to finally show. Sometimes it can take quite the while. Ive heard if it takes longer than 8 weeks that you should def get checked out as to why your not having one. Hope yours shows up soon and if not for good reason!! ;

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  • I had a Dnc on June 24th. I started charting soon afterwards. I ovulated on cd20 and I'm 9 dpo now. Today my temp dropped so I'm thinking AF is coming because my boobs are sore now. I found charting and temping helped me so much after the Dnc so I would know what's going on. My last Dnc I didn't have a period for 3 months. This time my body just reset. You never know.

    I'm sorry for your loss hopefully you will go back to normal soon.
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  • So sorry for your loss.  I had my D&C a day before you, June 19th.  I am still waiting for my AF, too.  I was told it usually comes between 4 - 8 weeks.  After 8 weeks, if there's no sign of AF, I was told to call my doctor since it might be an indicator of scarring.  I wish I had thought sooner to track my ovulation with OPK's just to have an idea of when to expect AF.  I apologize if this is general knowledge (I'm still learning a lot) but I read a book called The Sperm Meets Egg Plan where she recommends testing for ovulation every day after cycle day 8 and there's a whole bunch of other things to do to increase the likelihood of catching when you ovulate, like testing in the afternoon after holding it for 4 hours (that's going to be tough!).  So, I'm sorry, again, if this is all stuff you know but in case it helps, there you go.  I hope you get answers soon! 

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    My first DnC AF arrived about 50days later.

    I'm currently waiting for AF as I had a 2nd DnC on June 19th. I'm at cd34, but haven't temped so I have no idea if I've ovulated.

    You should contact your dr's office about when to ttc. Every doc is different, I'm to wait 2 cycles before ttc.

    Also, I've been doing weekly hpt's, I'm still getting a very very faint positive. I agree if AF hasn't returned in 8 weeks you should contact your dr.

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