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When did you feel it?

I just found out Thurs. that I am expecting for the first time. I am thrilled, but it hasn't really sunk in yet. Mostly bc the only symptoms I have had have been some light cramps similar to what I normally experience each month... Granted I am only 4 weeks, 3 days so I know they will likely be here soon, but when did you all "feel it?" Like that aha moment of ohmygoshthisishappening!! I haven't felt it since the initial hpt result!

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Re: When did you feel it?

  • I am 8 and a half weeks and still don't feel the way I thought I would! I have to remind myself I'm preg! I think after the first ultra sound it will feel more real :
  • It won't really feel real until you start showing and start feeling movement. 
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  • My symptoms have started around week 6 for both of my pregnancies. After about two days of feeling like crap, it feels real. 
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  • I didn't have early symptoms with my first, so it didn't really sink in until after the first u/s.

    This time, I've had lots of symptoms and earlier. It feels real, but it will feel even more real after my first u/s on Monday. I can't wait!

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  • I've been feeling the same way... I'm 5w1d and nothing yet but hopefully soon... Congrats!
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    We just told our moms yesterday and that made it really real for me. Seeing their reactions and talking about it with them made me feel so different.
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  • At 5.5 weeks, I began to feel like crap x 10!!! I have a lot of symptoms. None really showed up until this past weekend. I found out a week ago last Wednesday night.
  • I think I'll feel it during the quickening baby's first kick. Or maybe at my first OB appt in a month when I see the ultrasound. I'm only 4w2d; while I have cramping, sore boobs, and nausea, its still not quite sinking in that there's a baby growing inside me. I even peed on a stick again this morning just to make sure haha
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  • I'm not telling my mom for another 3 weeks and I have to keep it a secret until then!! It's going to be a long 3 weeks!

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