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Do you exercise?

Do you all have a weekly exercise routine or attempt to exercise regularly? If not, why not, or how else are you active?

I am having the hardest time getting motivated to do anything! I do chase my toddler around, and try to keep up with house cleaning, but no energy or desire to work out. I feel so lazy, because I don't have the excuse of feeling nauseous. My dr said sometimes people who have had a loss feel scared to exercise, but that I can do most things and should at least walk. I didn't want to tell her, no, it's just because I want to sit on the couch. Ha..

I guess the one good thing about most everyone else already being in the 2nd tri, I can ask, will I get my energy back soon?? Maybe the walking would help me have more...




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Re: Do you exercise?

  • I try and walk an hour at least 3 times a week. I go with a friend so I see it more as having some adult interaction during the day DS usually naps in the stroller. When I go back to work in a few weeks teacher I am really hoping to convince DH to walk in the evenings. Do you have anyone you can walk with?
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  • I run, lift weights, or both most days. I've been pretty sick up til recently so many days have been skipped in there but when I'm feeling good I try to go every day. I would say the biggest help for me is to change it up. For me, changing my running route or the type of weights I do is enough to keep me interested. However, you could try swimming one day, walking the next, riding a bike the next day and so on. The hardest part of a workout is the walking out the door part, so make yourself a schedule and stick to it! Schedule time in like you do meetings or anything else important to you.

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  • cnctfcnctf
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    Does lifting my fork from the plate to my mouth count as exercise? Heh. I wish I would go out and walk but I'm so damn lazy.
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  • I am not currently working out at all. But that is because I'm sick every single day and like you have no energy. I also really want to be walking (it helps alot with my fibro) but I literally can't make it to the end of our street right now.

    I keep telling myself I will really step it up when the sickness fades. OK second tri.....I'm so ready to feel your benefits! 


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  • Yes, I take a gym class 5x weekly.  On the weekends, and a few evenings during the week, I go for a couple mile walks.

    I'm not a naturally thin person, so I have to work hard to be as 'thin' as I am. 

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  • Nope, no exercising. I'm on modified bed rest so not medically cleared for just about anything. Gravity is my enemy. 

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  • I normally work out a decent amount. I was running 3-6 days a week 3-5 miles and doing light lights prior to getting pregnant and up until 5 weeks. Which is when I had some spotting and found out I had low progesterone and my dr put me on supplements and she said to be on the safe side to stop working out till the second trimester, which I was completely fine with because I had a previous miscarriage and was/ still very scared that I could miscarry again. She said since I was working out already I should be good to incorporate it back in but obviously not to start where I was before. I was planning on starting off by jogging/walking 1-2 miles at a time. I work 12 hr nights so on my days off I try to go for long walks. That has been my form or exercise for the first trimester.
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  • I'm active with DS a lot. We go to the park and play, talk walks, swim, ect. I also do a prenatal yoga DVD a couple nights a week after he's in bed. But no, I'm not hitting the gym or keeping up with a work out routine.
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  • I have a Summer Sanders prenatal workout DVD that I try to do at least three times a week. It's nice because there are different workouts for each trimester. I did it with my last pregnancy and I found it very helpful.
  • JaneW2JaneW2
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    I try.  For awhile, I was so sick and exhausted I really didn't bother, but now I have some good days.  I cut back my weight room routine from 3 sets down to 1, and I'm more focused on core strength.  I want to walk outside, but it's hot and the air quality is bad, and there's a rash on my foot that my walking shoes rub against, and whatever other excuses I can come up with.

    Altogether I'm probably doing about half what I was before pregnancy, in a good week.

  • I used to lift weights and do cardio a few days a week, but my midwife has slowed me down to walking. I have a daycare so I chase kidlets all day, and I have really low blood pressure during my pregnancies. I can't wait until baby is here so I can hit the gym and get back to my size 00 lol I miss my normal pants already. Now I'm in my bloat pants
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  • Seems about half and half. When I was unknowningly 3 weeks pregnant with DD, I ran my first halfmarathon in 2011. Ever since, I feel like I've been a huge bump on a log! I got up to 8 miles again in between pregnancies, but it was hard to do without DH's support. He runs during his lunch break at work, so I'm kind of on my own. We have a good 2 mile route through my neighborhood I attempt sometimes, and he goes on his off days.

    And then, what prompted this post, sometimes after dinner I have NO energy. I couldn't even stand up tonight long enough to unload the dishwasher. Sometimes I think it's just the prolonged laziness though.



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  • k8augsk8augs
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    I love Bodypump and plan/hope to never give it up. I backed up my weights a bit, but am still at 40 lbs for my squat weight max weight I use in the whole workout. I try to be conscious if how I feel and don't push to exhaustion. I want to make sure LO has enough oxygen especially a concern in CO!. I do BP 3 times a week and try to go for a 23 mile run another day, plus cardio kickboxing once a week. I need this for my mental and emotional well being!
  • Yep everyday I try to do something. Yesterday I ran and felt tired from that still today so I just went for a walk and worked biceps.
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  • I got most of my energy back around week 14 or so.

    I'm a kettlebell instructor and personal trainer, so fitness and health are basically my job and a big part of my life. I dropped my training from 6 days/week to 5, sometimes 4 during the first trimester because I of the nausea and insane fatigue, and now I'm staying at 5 days a week - 4 lifting days that vary between strength and metabolic-based, and 1 day of yoga. I also walk my dog 45 minutes to an hour a day. 

    I was doing sprint training and other super high intensity training pre-pregnancy and for part of the first tri, but it became uncomfortable on my stretching ligaments and muscles, so I get my metabolic work in through manipulating my strength training routines - less rest, adding in battling ropes, bicycle sprints, etc.  

    I don't always want to go, and sometimes my workouts are lackluster, but I just make myself get out there and do them, and I always feel better for it. Getting started is the hard part. Find a way to make yourself do that, tell yourself you can stop after 10 minutes, and chances are you'll want to keep going, and if you don't, well hey, at least you're being more active than before! Even throwing bodyweight moves likes squats and pushups and that kind of thing in here and there throughout the day add up and provide benefits. Heck, I bet your toddler would start trying to do them along with you :) I love watching little kids get excited to 'work out like mom/dad.'

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  • I run and ride bike. I'm currently training for a half marathon. I feel like I have more energy when I exercise, so that's my motivation to get out the door.
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  • Xan84Xan84
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    I do a lot of walking. I've been walking 3 miles a day as part of my daily commute this whole pregnancy, and when DH and I were in vacation in Europe the last 2 weeks we averaged 6 miles a day. If I stop walking, I feel like crap.

    However, walking is really all I have been doing this pregnancy. I have totally weak arms, core, and everything else :/
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  • I do Crossfit 4-5xs a week, and try to run at least once a week 3-5 miles. I also teach PE to special needs students, and I chase my toddler around once I am home. I am exhausted, but I do notice that I always feel pretty great after I work out. It is so hard to get out of bed some days, but I never regret it once I am done with my workout and leaving the gym. I hope to continue as long as possible. Last pregnancy I stopped Crossfit at 38 weeks because EVERYTHING was uncomfortable. We will see what happens this time. 
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  • Do you keep your heart rate under a certain bpm? I have been trying to keep it under 140, but that is quite restrictive...
  • I don't exercise. I'm awful at motivating myself to exercise.
    I chase my very active toddler. I go swimming with my toddler. When I can, I take walks, usually to the nearby market for lunch. It's 100plus degrees here so I don't go for walks often right now though sometimes we go to the nearby shops and walk around inside.
  • ccip82ccip82
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    I go to the gym three times a week and walk our dog just about every day.  DH and I also enjoy hiking.

    Sometimes though it is really hard to get motivated. Going to the gym is my chance for some "me time". DD goes to their daycare there and I meet up with some of my friends and we take a class or work out together.

    It really helps having someone to exercise with. When I walk our dog, usually it is a family affair and DH takes DD in the stroller. It is a great way for DD to burn off a little extra energy too.



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  • 3peat3peat
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    I walk my dogs. I had a gym membership which hasn't been used in 2 months! I broke down and bought a recumbent (sp?) stationary bike last weekend, and used it for 20-30 mins today. I considered an elliptical, but worried about balance with growing belly. My OB said to keep my heart rate under 140bpm so the hb monitor on the bike helps. I just use it while watching tv!
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  • at almost 17 weeks now I still have no energy....I'm usually falling asleep on the couch right after dinner and then barely mustering the energy to shower and go to bed just to start all over in the morning.  I try to get up and walk at work but my hips are killing me and I'm waddling and my feet feel like they are bruised. 

    I think some people do feel lots of energy in second tri but then I know there are several on this board that still feel like we did at 6 weeks...Hope you are a lucky one!


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  • Pre-pregnancy I was in the gym 6 days a week. The month of June was a wash in a sea of nausea, but I am back at it 3-4x a week now. I definitely have a tough time getting motivated but working out just makes me feel so NORMAL. I have a more normal appetite later, I sleep better, etc. It's way too hot for me to run outside, and I don't even particularly like walking in this kind of humidity so I'm usually on the elliptical or lifting at my gym.

    I definitely always want to come home and sit on my couch but I just keep reminding myself that I never regret actually GOING to the gym but usually end up regretting having not gone. :)


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  • I do! I run 5 miles/5 or 6 days a week. I didn't exercise at all during my first pregnancy and I paid the price. It makes me feel confident and happy so I'm going to keep doing it until its physically impossible.

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  • Like it's my job.  I've still gained 11 pounds, so clearly it's not helping me out a whole lot in the weight department.  I do think that labor is easier if you're stronger.
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  • I don't have a formal exercise routine and never have. It just isn't something that appeals to me. I spend my days chasing a rather active toddler, take an occasional yoga class, and I go hiking almost every weekend when the weather is nice.

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  • I was extremely good at exercising every day before I got KU. Then the exhaustion hit and I was barely awake at 7pm. Now I'm not exhausted, I'm just lazy. I need to get back in to it.


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  • I try to get 3-4 days a week in. I did Crossfit about 4 days a week before and had begun training for the Marine Corps Marathon when I found out I was pregnant. Obviously I backed out of that and have toned down my CF work outs.

    I've started following crossfitmom.com. I'll do their daily WOD and add on a 1 mile walk or run.

    I took about a 3 week break around weeks 9-11 because we were moving, 4th of July, and a long weekend vacation. Even now though, at 14 wk, I'm finding I don't have much desire or energy in the gym but I'm trying hard to stay in the routine of going. 


  • I do not currently have an exercise routine but I want to. Before getting pregnant, I walked and did yoga. I want to continue it, but I am scared to.  I've only had miscarriages and I have bled through a lot of this pregnancy. Even though everything is fine (it's all related to my UTI) I would prefer to hear from my doctor that I can exercise. I haven't even seen an actual doctor yet. But my appointment is next week so hopefully I will get good news.
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