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vitamins and DHA

Anyone give their LO a multi-vitamin and/or DHA?  If so, which one do you use and how does LO do with the taste?  TIA!


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Re: vitamins and DHA

  • During the winter I do Carlson Vitamin D drops but I don't do a multivitamin. He eats a well balanced diet so I don't see the need.
    As far as DHA I do give him yogurt with DHA added.


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  • Emma is anemic so I do polyvisol. I'm not sure if it has DHA in it, but her WCM does. The vitamins are disgusting, I tried them. I mix them in 8 ounces of milk and she's ok with that.
  • I give her the polyvisol drop daily in her morning milk cup. She doesn't even notice.
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