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Any other former team greeners...

Seeing like a 2.0 wave of presents after delivery??

Its the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.  Its like folks had this pent up cute sex specific gear itch that since I was team green they couldn't scratch before birth and now I keep getting stuff in the mail that's boy specific.

Its really weird - anyone else seeing this?

Side note - having gone team green the first time DH and I talked a few days ago as to whether or not we'd do it again...consensus was yes.  DH was like "well maybe if it was our last kid I'd want to know but I don't have a good explanation as to why I'd feel that way."  But in talking about it we both really enjoyed the anticipation (even though we suspected boy from the 20 week scan b/c of the tech's comments) and I think we'd do team green again.



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Re: Any other former team greeners...

  • M0ONM0ON
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    Just curious, what did the tech say that made you think boy?
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  • image M0ON:
    Just curious, what did the tech say that made you think boy?

    She was doing the measurements of the legs RIGHT after she did the genitalia (she had us look away) and she said "Nice long legs good for boy..or girl."

    There was the slightest pause between 'boy' and 'or' that made us think that she had forgotten for about a second that we were team green and she was trying to fix it.



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  • I know this will happen for us. We know we're having a boy but know one else does. I've had quite a few people tell me they were planning on "running to the store right after" we tell them what the sex of the baby is. I guess they can't get past not knowing.
  • I think we'd do team green again. We also loved the anticipation. 
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    Yep. Last time around after DD was born we received so many pink and only pink things. It looked like someone threw up pepto bismol. I was glad to have been team green so that we at least had things besides pink! It's another reason we decided to be team green again.

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    We ended up with a TON of pink stuff once DD arrived, I do think people just prefer buying gender specific clothing! Next time around I'll probably find out just for my own logistics, but might keep it between me and DH as I feel like being team green cuts down on all the crazy amounts of clothing that our family would buy while I was still pregnant!
  • Yes, but this isn't my first team green. I got boy specific clothes after DS1 was born (crazy because I ended up having 4 baby showers, one would think people would have gotten shopping out of their systems!)

    I don't think I received much of anything new for DS2, which was fine, I didn't need anything new. We were team blue with him though.

    This time, holy eff, I should have taken an empty suitcase to the hospital, people are out of their minds shopping for girl clothes! I'm not totally surprised because I have sons so there is potentially a 'need' for girl clothes. Also most of our friends and family have sons so most of my peeps don't get to shop for girl clothes much. It is very sweet and generous of everyone, but I do feel guilty because it seems like so much new stuff when I could have gotten by with the gender neutral stuff my sons wore. 

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  • Even though all through this team green pregnancy I swore that the next time we'd find out, DH and I decided after she was born that we'd wait again next time because there's just nothing like that feeling of hearing "It's a ..." when they first come out!

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  • We have, each time we've had a baby.  We do Team Green each time, too.  I appreciate everyone's excitement, but I always do feel a tiny bit bad that people wind up buying several gifts.  It's their money to do with as they choose, it just seems excessive to me. 


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  • The boy outfits definitely arrived like crazy after my first LO arrived.

    For the second go round, I decided on team green again. Both times MH was the only one who knew and he kept it to himself. I really like being team green. 

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