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Ds2 weighed 6lbs10oz, so he gained 5oz in 4 days, 7oz since being discharged last Monday!!!!! Yay!! Ped was very happy, and his jaundice is improving, too!! We are only 3oz away from being back to birthweight!!

Also, DH and I started making sure I get some Mommy/OJo time a few times a day so that way I'm not feeling so removed from DS1.. It's definitely helped, even just doing it today.. Plus my 2 weeks post c/s is Friday, so then I have the all clear to pick him up and carry him!!

Thanks for all the well wishes for DS2s appointment!! 

Loss #1: 18w5d.. D&E 04Mar03 BFP #2: Jun2011.. missed miscarriage. D&C 08Jul2011 8w4d. BFP #3: Nov2011.. Our Rainbow Baby!!! DS Born: 15Jul2012! BFP #4: Nov2012.. 2U1 - DS2 born 12Jul2013.  BFP #5: 01Jan2014..3U3!!



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