I have decided I want LASIK for my birthday slash Christmas present later this year. I am sick of wearing glasses and the eye doc told me I would be a good candidate. Has anyone had LASIK done? What was your experience? Would you make the same decision?

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  • I always wanted to but was nervous, let us know what you decide Ticker Ticker
  • Just research the facility you choose. I worked for an ophthalmologist who used to do LASIK. Some patients have bad dry eye after but not many. I want LASIK bad also. I have dry eyes now and not a bad rx I just hate glasses

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  • I am such a fan of my LASIK. I'm telling you to run, do not walk, to your doctor and get it done ASAP.
  • H had lasik while I was pg. Loves it.

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  • I want it so, so bad.

    I had a consult 5 yrs ago but they said I was better waiting because my prescription was still changing. The only thing that I didn't like was that they offered me regular Lasik or for only $1000 more, they had a SUPER Lasik that would make my eyesight even clearer.  But, you know, the regular Lasik is ok too.....IMO, anyone who has poor eyesight would pick the better one. No one wants "ok" eyesight.

    My BIL does Lasik and he said that if they offer a "good' and "great" option to question their practice. He does not feel it is ethical to offer people treatment when there is a known better option for them and dangle it like a carrot for more money. Just something to consider if you encounter it.

    I'll be doing it soon too!!



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  • DH had it done 7 years ago. He had perfect vision for 5 years, and then he had to start wearing glasses again. I guess it's normal for your eyesight to slowly revert. He doesn't need nearly as strong of a prescription now, so I guess that's something.

    For the procedure itself, he said it was no big deal. It lasted a few minutes and the next day he had perfect vision. At the time he had it done, insurance didn't cover it, so he paid out of pocket. Knowing that he only lasted 5 years without glasses, I don't think he'd do it again. We still have to spend money on glasses now, so it doesn't seem all that worth it to me.
  • I had it done 2 years ago-it's life changing. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommend it!
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    I had it done 9 years ago & it was like other have said life changing.  Just make sure not to skimp & do it on the cheap.  It's your eyes!  Also, make sure the doctor that will be doing your procedure has done at least 20,000 before your.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I was not dopped up!  They gave me no meds for the procedure at all.  I had a series of eye drops after but nothing before or after for pain or anxiety. 

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    I tried to have it done, but I wasn't a good candidate.  Everyone I know that has done it is so much happier.

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    Best money I've ever spent on myself. Do it, DO IT NOW!
  • I had it done 8 years ago and I still have perfect vision.  I had horrible vision to start with -8.25.  No complications.  For a couple weeks I would have blurry vision upon waking and a little dry eye but after putting in eye drops it would clear up.  Then no issues after those first couple weeks.   I went with a very reputable doctor, so just make sure you are using a reputable doctor. 
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