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Fluid in babys abdomen at 20 Week U/S

Hi.  We just got some terrifying news that there was fluid in the babys abdomen (isolated fetal ascites) at our routine 20 week ultrasound.  Everything seemed to be going so smoothly, finally after 2 recent miscarriages.  We are just distraught with fear.

Doc recommended an amnio to help determine the cause so we did that on Friday and are awaiting results and praying to rule out chromosomal abnormalities.  Then they are sending us to CHOP in philly for further testing (namely an MRI) on Thursday.  This is all so harrowing and I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen to them. Sad

Any advice is so appreciated. Prayers are of course always welcome too!  Thank you!!!!

Re: Fluid in babys abdomen at 20 Week U/S

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