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I travel for work sometimes and my OB put me on restrictions to stop flying at 32 weeks and not drive more than an hour away at 36 weeks. Is this pretty standard?

Then the nurse told me about a woman who's water broke at 30 weeks while traveling for work and ended up stranded in that city for 2 months while her baby was in the NICU and now I'm feeling paranoid.
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Re: Travel restrictions

  • I flew until I was 36 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy, even though I had my first LO at 37 1/2 weeks and was considered  high risk (because I am of mature age--over 35).  I don't think 32 weeks is standard.
  • I commuted an hour each way to work until I went into labor at work at 40 weeks.  Once I went into labor, I drove the hour home.  No biggie for me. 

    I also flew until 37 weeks and change.  I was 36 when I gave birth and I have zero complications or issues with my pregnancy.  I think 32 weeks is a bit overkill.  But that is just my opinion and that of my OB who said up to 37 weeks was fine. 

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  • There was a girl on this board who deliver a micro premie while traveling for work. It happens. I would use it as an excuse to stay local. I commuted 40 plus mins each way up until I gave birth with both my boys, but I think that's a lot different then flying. Andplusalso, I was in active labor by the tine I was on my way to the hospital with DS2, there is no way I could have driven myself.

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  • The flying cutoff is a bit early but the 36 week one hour drive rule seems about right to me.
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  • My OB encouraged no travel more than an hour away at 36 weeks.
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  • I was traveling 2-3 days a month about 3 hrs away throughout my pregnancy.  I started to get uncomfortable and my midwife said she would provide a note to cut back on travel at 34 weeks if necessary.  I ended up speaking with my boss and we were able to cut back on my travel completely, the last time I did the trip was right around 34/35 weeks.  I think airlines have their own policies, so if you are going to be flying late in your pregnancy I would make sure to bring a note with you saying it is OK.  I didn't drive more than 2 hrs away the last month.
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  • With my last pregnancy I flew when I was about six months pregnant and then my doc said that should be about it.  It wasn't hard as I had no other travel for work or personal trips planned but just knowing my pregnancies I wouldn't have flown after 33 weeks.

    As for the driving, given my incredibly short labors and history of giving birth in the 37th week, even being an hour away from the hospital after 36 weeks freaked me out.  Without that history I would probably find that restriction a little bit of overkill.

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  • I really don't mean to scare you or make you more paranoid, but I went into PTL at 30 weeks and ended up having DD at 32 weeks.  So I would abide by those restrictions your OB placed.  While we all hope to have happy, healthy, full term pregnancies, there are no guarantees.  I could not imagine what I would have done had I been out of town when I went into labor.  I wouldn't travel any further than you'd be willing to drive to get to your hospital.  
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