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I love papa burgers. (BFP!)

This was cycle 10, month 11 for us (4th cycle TTCAL). August would have made a full year of trying. This cycle I decided to put down the bbt after I got crosshairs. I found I over analyzed every temp in the 2ww and it made me crazy, and I wanted a break from that. I took my temp on 9 DPO and my temp hadn't seemed to go up at all, so I figured AF would be coming soon. Around 9-11 DPO I started having light cramps which was different for me as cramps usually only start the day AF does. So on 11 DPO I tested and got a faint second line after a minute and a half. I have been testing every day and the lines are getting darker. I am still pretty nervous because our only other pregnancy resulted in a loss, so hopefully this baby sticks.

What we did: I temped, and once I got a +OPK we had sex ED. I used pineapple core on 1-4 DPO. DH insists this cycle worked because he chose what time of day we HIO (sure, guy).

Timing: O-2, O-1, O

Symptoms: nothing really, just some light cramping and my boobs hurt a little bit.

How I told DH: I tested right after he left for work. He had told me once before he only wanted to be told if I was KU in person, so I grappled all day with how I was going to tell him when I got home that night. I was pretty much going to shove the picture I took of the stick in his face, but then when I texted to ask him what he wanted at A&W for supper on my way home, he said "surprise me". I got him a Papa burger and gave it to him and said "ok, here's your burger. Can you see on the receipt which one it is?" And he said "oh, a papa burger, thanks babe!" And sat down to eat it. I said "yeah, I figure you might as well get used to the role now!" And he said, "are you pregnant?" When I said yes, his eyes filled with tears and he hugged and kissed me. He was so excited and said "this is going to be the best burger ever!"  :)

Mushy stuff: I cannot tell you how much I am going to miss this board. I really do feel like I know some of you and I am going to miss the sense of humour here.  I know everyone always says they're rooting for you all, and I really do mean it when I say I hope you all get BFPs soon. I will be dirty lurking this board every day.
Eta: my browser is drunk, sorry about the formatting! 

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Re: I love papa burgers. (BFP!)

  • krdesikrdesi
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    Woohoo!! Congrats!

    **Siggy/Ticker Warning**   

                  TTC #1 since May 2012

                  May 2013: First R.E. appointment

                  DH: SA is good

                   May 2013: CD3 Blood work-normal
               June 2013: Hsg-Right tube blocked

                   July 26, 2013: Starting Follistim for IVF #1

                  August 2013: IVF #1 Cancelled- Abnormal embryos

             October/November 2013: IVF #2 w/ICSI

                        November 8, 2013: Transferred two early blasts (no frosties) 

    November 18, 2013: First EVER BFP! 

    Beta#1: 91  Beta#2: 288

    1st U/S- 5w2d Saw yolk sac!

    3rd U/S- 7w4d HB of 157bpm!




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  • STUFIE! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so so so so happy for you!  

    ~Mad Lovins to My Best Girls and my Wifey~
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  • Cute! Congratulations!

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  • Congrats!!! You will be greatly missed around here. 

    H&H 9 months! 

     ***TTC #1 since December 2012***
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    TTC #1 since December 2012
    March 2014 Diagnosed with amenorrhea--begin testing for suspected PCOS.
    Blood tests reveal moderate insulin resistance, high testosterone.
    Ultrasound reveals 2.3cm semi-complex "cyst" in R ovary.
    First RE appointment made for 4/22/14

  • Squeeeeeeee!! And I don't usually squee!  So happy for you Stufie! Congratulations! 
    TTC Since July 2012
    BFP #1 11/07/12   M/C 12/11/12
    BFP #2 2/23/13    M/C 03/6/13
                       BFP #3 9/2/13  EDD 05/17/14                     

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  • Woot woot!!! Congrats!!! 
  • Yeah!!  Congrats lady! :D


    Trying to get knocked up since June 2012 ~ Dx: PCOS

    BFP 7.24.13 ~ EDD 4.2.14 ~ m/c  9.16.13 @ 11w4d

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  • Congrats! Happy and healthy 9 months! Love the way you told your DH.
  • Congratulations!! Hope you have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy!

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  • Congratulations!!!!!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • kali55kali55
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    Yay!!  Congratulations!!

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  • Congratulations, Stufie!! I'm so excited for you!
    Tyler& Amanda 7.7.07
  • Congrats! I absolutely love the way you told your DH!
    Married since May 2009
    TTC #1 since Oct 2012
    My Ovulation Chart

    All are welcome!

    started seeing RE 12/13
    Me:30 carrier for SMA, all other tests normal
    DH:32 normal SA
  • Congrats. All these sweet stories just have me in tears.
    DS #1 9-27-93
    MMC 10-97 @ 14 weeks
    DS #2 12-22-98

    TTC Since Jan 2012
    BFP 5-13-13 EDD 1-17-14 MC 6-24-13 Girl Trisomy 18
    BFP 9-14-13 EDD 5-27-14 MC 9-20-13
    BFP 10-15-13 EDD 6-27-14 MC 11-19-13 Girl Trisomy 16
    RE Diagnosis: Everything is normal.  Just Bad Luck because of age.
    Medicated Cycle 1  Gonal F, Trigger, TI, Progesterone  BFN
    Medicated Cycle 2 Gonal F, Trigger, TI, Progesterone BFP but MC
    Medicated Cycle 3 Gonal F, Trigger, TI, Progesterone ......... Hail Mary cycle before IVF  FX 

  • Yay! Congratulations. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
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    After over 2 years, we are expecting our first baby from IVF w/ ICSI
    ER 9/13, ET 9/18 - BFP! - Baby girl due 6/6/14
    beta #1 9/27 - 63, beta #2 9/30 - 224, beta #3 10/2 - 573, beta #4 10/4 - 1314
  • Yay! Congratulations! HH 9!
    TTC#2 Since July 2011
    Me: 29, had two blocked tubes - left was cleared during lap, right was unable to be cleared. PCOS & Stage 2 Endo. DH: 32, SA = perfect
    CLOMID: 4 rounds, 50mg + TI = BFN's. FEMARA: 1 round = no response
    12-24-2012 : Laparoscopy, Softball sized cyst/endo/scar tissue removed.
    Cycle #14 - Feb 2013 : 50mg clomid. Ovidrel Trigger. IUI on 2/14/13 = thin lining, multiple cysts.
    Cycle #15 - no meds, still have cysts, no follicles. Boo!
    Forced break. Continuous BCP for 6 weeks to give my jacked up ovaries a break.
    Cycle #16 actively trying (May/June): Femara, TI = BFN
    Cycle #17- #20 - Med/Treatment break, trying on our own = BFN's all around.
    Cycle #21 - Femara, MORE Femara, Ovidrel and a Christmas IUI = BFN
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  • Congrats! I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!
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  • Yay!!!  Congrats!!!!
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    TTC #1 since June 2012 
    DX: Unexplained Infertility.  Me: Hypothyroid
    Cycle 15: Letrozole (12.5mg/3 days) + TI = BFN
    Cycle 16: Letrozole (25mg/4 days)+ Trigger + TI = BFN
    Cycle 17: Letrozole (7.5mg/5 days)  Canceled
    Cycle 18: CoQ10 + Lupron + Puregon + Trigger + IUI #1 = BFN
    Cycle 19: CoQ10 + Lupron + Puregon + Trigger + B2B IUIs #2 = BFN
    Cycle 20: CoQ10 + Lupron + Puregon + Trigger + B2B IUIs #3 = BFP -> BFFN :(
    Cycle 21: CoQ10 + Lupron + Puregon + Trigger + B2B IUIs #4 = BFN
    Luv to my TBBFFs <3
    ~~~All are welcome!~~~
  • Congrats!!! That is so exciting! I teared up at how you told DH! FX this is your take home baby.

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  • Congratulations 
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  • OMG!!!!  STUFIE!!!!  Congratulations!!!  Another great one leaving us!  Keep us posted and FX for a sticky baby!!!
    The Ambiguously Gay Duo
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    Chronic Pelvic Pain Condition began 10/2012

    Doctors told me I was crazy.  A lot.  For a long time.
    NTNP until:
        DX 4/2013 (finally!): labral tear and bone impingement in both hips; left hip causing pelvic pain, right hip asymptomatic
    Surgery on left hip: 5/31/13  SUCCESS!!!  Pain flares to continue for a year.
    Resumed TTC 6/2013
    Chronic stomach pain and distension: 8/2013 
    TTA until resolved
    Can I please be done with the weird illnesses now?
    IF testing 1/2014=H&I both all clear!
  • Congrats!!

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    Savannah Mommy and Daddy can't wait to meet you.

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  • Ahhhh!  YAY!  Congrats Stufie!
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    TTC #1 since February 2011
    Me: 29 (3/5/13- high NK cells)  DH: 28 (5/8/12- MFI low morph and motility)
    Cycle #21 (IUI#1), Cycle #22 (HSG 9/21/12) and Cycle #23 (IUI#2)=  image
    Cycle #24- December Snow Bunny IVF #1
    ER 12/6/12 (14R, 11M, 9F), ET 12/9/12 transferred 2 day 3 embies
    Bleeding and low betas=very cautious image C/P 5W3D
    Cycle #26 March Lucky Duck- FET #1
    scheduled 3/20/13- CANCELLED- lining issues
    Cycle #27 May Emerald- FET #1.2
    delayed- Starting Trental for 3 months + natural cycles Cycle #28-30=  image
    Cycle #31 August Shooting Star- FET #1.3 
    transferred 1 hatching blast 8/21/13= imageBetas 8/30 (108) and 9/3 (565)

    U/S 9/19/13- HR is 128!  U/S #2 10/4/13- HR is 174!
    It's a BOY!

  • Yay! Congratulations Stufie!


    Married July 2011 * TTC #1 since 8/12 * Me: 29 DH: 29
    Cycles 1-14: BFNs
    8/13: Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
    DX: Stage 2 Endo, uterine polyps and paratubal cysts removed
    Cyles 16-20: Trying on our own = BFNs
    2/14: IVF #1 Lupron Protocol = 12R/10M/9F, no frosties; transferred one 3BB blast = BFN
    3/14: Break cycle = BFN
    4/14: IVF #2 Antagonist Protocol = TBD

    ~~~~~~ All Are Welcome ~~~~~~

  • congratulations!!  H&H 9 months to you :)
    TTC #2 Since October 2012
    BFP 11.1.12/EDD 7.7.13 MMC 12.4.12 D&E 12.10.12
    BFP 3.25.13/EDD 11.29.13 MC 4.6.13
    BFP 8.20.13 early MC 8.24.13
    BFP 9.20.13/EDD 6.5.14 Hoping & Praying this is our Rainbow Baby

  • ksz_3ksz_3
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    Congrats! H and H 9 months!

    TTC Baby S Since 06.2013

    Momma to furbabies Bentley, Akasha, Spot and Mr. Bunny

    BFP #1 12.12.2013 | EDD 08.24.2014 | MMC 01.27.13 @ 10w 1d, Baby measured 6w 2d | Natural MC 02.01.14
    Round 2: We will begin actively TTC May 2014

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  • bbg676bbg676
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    Congrats Stuffie!!



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    Complete Anovulation; Low Prog & E + High T & DHEA
    BFP #1 - 11/17/2012 EDD 7/25/2013 M/C 11/19/2012 @ 4w5d

    BFP #2 - 2/4/2013 EDD 10/20/2013 M/C 2/11/13 

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