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What will you wear?

I am trying to decide what I should wear during labor. Lately I pretty much want nothing touching my belly (probably just because of the heat) so I was thinking of wearing a nursing bra plus shorts. Now I am wondering if shorts would be a bad idea and if I should just stick with the hospital gown. They obviously have air conditioning there so its not like I will be dying of heat. What are you ladies doing?
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Re: What will you wear?

  • I'm just gonna wear the hospital gown.
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  • I'm just doing the hospital gown. I hear it's messy and they will be checking you for dialation so shorts seem like a horrific idea.
  • At home, I wore my clothes - yoga pants and a t-shirt, I think.

    At the hospital, I changed into the gown. I arrived 10 cm dilated and ready to push, though.

    I delivered naked. The gown was a pain in the arse, so it went away at some point. I think there was a sheet involved? I just so did not care. 

    Shorts won't work at the end. Wink I'd get some kind of skirt if you want to bleed on your own clothes. 

  • I'm planning a home birth and have a couple comfortable maternity tanks that I will probably wear, with my underwear. Or a pair of depends, if my water has already broken. Stick out tongue If I get in the labor tub, I'll just wear a black sports bra, probably.

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  • Hospital gown for sure, no reason to get clothing all disgusting. I will bring comfy clothes for after delivery though, I don't want to sit around in those fugly gowns, especially when family comes to visit and takes pictures.


  • Hospital gown. Anything else is unnecessary.

  • I bought a pretty pushers gown tried it on and now I can't wait to give birth in it :
  • Hospital gown during labor/delivery. my hospital lets patients control the temp to their rooms so I'm sure I will have it ultra cold. Afterwards just a nursing night gown and robe for when people come to visit.

  • image amarissa85:
    Hospital gown. Anything else is unnecessary.

    team hospital gown here. I'm getting my money's worth.

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  • I'm bringing clothes to wear for after the baby is born, but for labor I will be in the hospital gown. At my hospital you have individual temp control in your birthing suite so I'm not really concerned about being too hot or too cold. 

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  • Honestly, probably just my nursing bra. When I used to get period cramps really bad I'd pretty much be naked because I was sweating so profusely from being in pain. I feel "trapped" when I have clothes on and I'm in pain.

  • During early labor at home, probably a sports/nursing bra and pair of boy short underwear. I imagine once we get to the birthing center and I'm in active labor the boy shorts will come off and maybe even the bra. I'm usually pretty modest, but since I've been pregnant I can't wear much more than my underwear around the house (especially in the heat)!

    Once baby arrives, I'll likely rock the lovely mesh underwear and just stay under the covers and wear a nursing bra/tank and robe. It won't bother me for the few very close/select friends we invite to visit us at the birthing center to see me in a robe/bra.

  • Last time I wore the gown and got so hot I ended up not wearing anything.

    ETA: A/C was no match for the transition phase of labor.
  • Hospital gown. I too delivered in the nude because I was too got and the gown was in the way. This time around I plan to be wearing a sports bra and hospital gown.
  • Hospital gown for me, I don't want to ruin anything, and I don't see the point in wearing shorts, I don't want to worry about taking them on and off to get checked.

  • Hospital gown.

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  • I wore a hospital gown with my first, and that's what I'll do this time also.  I think shorts would get in the way. The nurses come in and check you and wearing shorts really would be a pain to take off when they come in... Just my opinion 
  • I'm bringing a knee-length cotton old navy maternity skirt. i might wear it for a while if I'm laboring along time. It was only a $15 skirt, so if I ruin it, It's not the end of the world. I hope to spend some time in the tub, so a skirt would be easier to get on and off, and easy for them to check me if I'm up and around.

    That plus a nursing bra and tank or a nursing tank.

    I may change into the hospital gown if I feel like it. But my BTDT sister told me that even just wearing her own tank under the hospital gown made her feel more like a real person while she was in labor, and gave her an illusion of some dignity.

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  • Shorts? I am not sure even how that would work logistically!

     Hospital gown here. I have heard mixed reviews on bras. A nurse who did our class said, take it off, we want to get the baby skin to skin asap. If you have to wear one make sure it is a nursing bra. I also had a friend who said they cut hers off. If you have an IV, you can't get it off once they put your IV in.  

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  • hospital gown...i'm also bringing a sports bra for the bathtub. 
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  • I'll be wearing a gown with the opening forward (at least by the time I start pushing) so I can immediately do skin to skin with LO and initiate breastfeeding. I'll have a robe I'm bringing from home if I want--if I end up laboring much there (with DD I did all laboring at home pretty much). I wish I could say it was worth it to get a cute gown, but it really isn't for me at least. I don't feel a bra is necessary, but then, perhaps if I was at hospital for a while laboring I would, but I'd for sure take it off for pushing.
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  • Hospital gown only and made the mistake of keeping my nursing tank on the first time I had my dd.  Right after dd was born they immediately put her on my chest and my tank had gotten amniotic fluid, blood and whatnot on it.  To keep it simple, gown until after complete delivery then I will put a nursing top on underneath to be more discreet when ppl come to visit.
  • I'm planning on a hospital gown and then for afterwards some old athletic shorts and a tshirt.
  • Sports bra bought at target on sale and a pair of loose cotton shorts stolen from husband's skinny clothes drawer both willing to toss :
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  • Hospital gown and ill have yoga capris and a tshirt to change into when I'm ready to change. Ill use the mesh underwear and hospital gown while I'm recovering.
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  • Hospital Gown.



  • image Rooster&Memphis:
    image amarissa85:
    Hospital gown. Anything else is unnecessary.

    team hospital gown here. I'm getting my money's worth.

    Lol. I agree.
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  • Hospital gown once I'm there. Last time my water broke so I was wearing really big sweats stuffed with a towel, a large t-shirt (don't even think I put a bra on), and a towel around my waist. It was cute.
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