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Hi Ladies (Loss Mentioned & Long)

I just wanted to say Hi and thank you to all of you that were thinking about me a while back. Just found out you were thinking about me. I was a member of this board until I lost my beautiful daughter back in May. I never said anything on this board at the time b/c I didn't want to cause anyone any hurt or scare anyone. My story is attached. Thanks and I wish you all nothing but great moments with your LOs.



We lost our sweet angel on May 9, 2013. She was born on Feb 17, 2013. Brooke was only 11 weeks old. I had just went back to work for 4 days when she passed from SIDS.

She was being watched by my BFF while I was working. My BFF is a wonderful mother of 2 little boys. We have known each other since the 9th grade.

Brooke was a very happy healthy baby. That morning when I dropped her off, I told her how much I love her and that I would be thinking about her every moment of the day. I gave her lots of kisses. She smiled as I left.

I never let Brooke sleep on her tummy but I didn't feel it needed to be said. I trusted my BFF's mom instincts. She laid her down for her nap on her tummy. According to what I know, Brooke passed away very soon after being put down for her nap.

I am not sure how to live without our little girl. She was our everything! All I want to do is hold her. I wasn't even done BFing her. We had her memorial service on my first Mother's Day. I was so scared during my pregnancy that I was going to lose her. Who knew I would be right.

I prayed every night that God would keep her safe and here with us. Every morning I would thank him for another day with her. That morning I prayed that he would watch over her but left out the part about keeping her here with us. I know he is watching over her but I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.

There were so many nights as I was putting her to bed that I would just be thinking about how my life was great and it couldn't get any better. I had everything I could have ever asked for. Now it is gone.

Brooke Elizabeth born Feb 17, 2013 grew wings May 9, 2013 @ 11 weeks & 4 days old from SIDS



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