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First of all thank you sooo much for your kind words of encouragement. I just want to give a quick update,I went to the hospital after I received the news. My mother suffered a broken wrist and few scratches my DD is ok. Nothing happen to her not a scratch. That was the longest drive of my life. Today I am greatful,I begged and prayed today like I had never done before. And it is truly a miracle that my Jasmine is doing ok,she will just be under observation and they still have her,I am not allowed in there right now. I have not had chance to hold her. Just see her and touch her.I cant wait to pick her up in my arms and feel her near me.
My mom was on her way to the grocery store when a car hit her from behind sending her off the road into a ditch and the other car crashing with another car who was on the opposite lane. The driver was a 15 yr old who is in critical condition. That is all I know so far. Tonight I will thank God for keeping my baby safe. I can honestly tell you that my life with out DD would be pointless,that phone call made my world stop and for just a second I think my heart stopped beating.
Again thank you for your kind words. I am just sitting here waiting and decided I would look at my phone and saw all your wonderful thoughts and they brought tears. Today hug your babies,kiss them,love them more than ever,they are angels,gifts from above and they make our lives worth living. Be safe when driving always put baby in car seat and buckle up,this can save their lives.Thanks alot for your support

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