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Birth control question

My doc put me on Loestrin Fe at my 6 week appt.  When I started taking it I hadn't yet gotten my first post-pregnancy period but in the middle of the first pack I had a few days of spotting.  Since then nothing.  I just finished the 2nd pack.  Anyone else on the pill and not getting a period?  I really don't want to get pregnant for a few years but I'm leery of the IUD.

Re: Birth control question

  • Why are you scared of an IUD?  I got Mirena 6 weeks pp, and so far it's been great.  I had some spotting the first week, and then week 3 I had a light period, and nothing since.  A lot of women don't have a period on Mirena and I'm hoping I'm one.  It was a quick visit to the dr, and it's simple to take out I'm told.  I was on the pill for 12 years, and was tired of taking a pill every day. 

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  • I was on this before getting pregnant and after [now]. I didn't and still don't get periods. I asked about it and they said since its such a low hormone pill, your body really isn't doing anything and can possible not get a period.

    I bought a bunch of cheap pregnancy tests online and took one every few weeks.

    ETA I also do not want an IUD. I'm not comfortable with the idea and I have heard of too many bad experiences. I know anyone can have a bad experience with anything but when they hit close to home, I don't want to venture there!


  • I never got a period on Lo Estrin FE
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  • If you're breast feeding, that may be affecting your period as well. With DD1, I was on the LO Estrin pill and breast feeding and didn't get a period until she was 11 months. DD2 is 4 months and again I'm breast feeding and on LO Estrin and no period yet.
  • Same as PP. was on it for 3/4 years before ttc, and I would just get occasional spotting or very light periods. I'm finishing up pack #2 now, and haven't had spotting since middle of pack 1
  • Thanks everyone. Glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'll probably still take a test every now and then to ease my mind. 

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