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Bath time.. Too funny!

Does anyone else's baby go crazy in the bath? We still use the newborn sling even though I'm pretty sure she's technically too big for it... She just sits in it and her legs dangle into the water. She loves to kick and splash! I gave her a bath this afternoon... My kitchen is soaked. The window, the floor, the counters, and I had to change my shirt. She has so much fun, it cracks me up!
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Re: Bath time.. Too funny!

  • I still use the newborn seat too & LO is 25 inches so his feet just hang off lol.  He loves to splash so I stopped flat ironing my hair because he always gets it wet.  We have a good time though!


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  • Trin42Trin42
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    He loves splashing too. But also when I pour water down his neck or back he doesn't like it. he gets startled and then gives two-three big kicks.  Me and my bathroom floor are always soaked.

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  • Yes! M loves his baths! He's either really splashy or practically falls asleep from rrelaxation

    no matter how hysterical he becomes, just walking him into the bathroom and turning on the light/vent calms him because he knows a bath is coming

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  • My DD loves bath time too!! She loves to kick and splash around. Usually she can be fussy and I put her in the tub and she calms down and stops crying but tonight not even the bath would calm her.
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