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Heavy Bleeding Scare...Needed to tell someone

On Saturday, while taking a shower, I started bleeding rather heavily and was taken via abulance to my L&D dept...they put the baby and I on monitors right away, and everything was fine with the baby and even with me.  They did a NST and a Biophysical Profile (8/8) and even my bloodwork came back perfect.

 So they are thinking that my placenta has slipped and is now low laying, so having sex caused the bleed.

I did end up hacving some pretty major contractions for 2-3 minutes apart for almost 2 hours.  I got some Tributeline (spelling) and that made them go away.

 However, now I am TOTALLY freaked out!  Has anyone gone through this before?

 Oh and I have u/s scheduled for 36 weeks to check everything....

Re: Heavy Bleeding Scare...Needed to tell someone

  • That is scary! I don't have not gone through this before, but my thoughts and prayers to you that you and baby will be okay!

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  • Not here, but I can imagine all the things that must have run through your mind as it was going on. Glad you got medical care right away.

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  • I just wanted to say I'm so sorry you're going through this! No experience but I can only imagine how scary that must have been.

    Are you on any type of bedrest or pelvic rest?
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    That must have been incredibly scary. Glad that you and LO are ok. I had a major blood gush / water break at just over 38 weeks with my second DD. but I had no contractions. They said it was a placental abruption and tried to induce labor (I was scheduled to be induced 3 days later for high blood pressure). But they couldn't kick start things fast enough so I had an emergency c section. 

    As long as your placenta is attached (which mine wasn't) I would think you should be fine for now. I'm glad they are monitoring you. Good luck. 

  • I am not on bedrest, just need to relax. But I am on pelvic rest and DH totally understands, as he should!
  • Hey! This is so funny. I didn't read all the posts on the 3rd trimester board before posting mine just now. I just had a fun experience tonight with heavy bleeding of the DH and I had sex. Blood everywhere! Scared the crap out of me. Called my midwife and she assured me that everything was more than likely just fine but told me if I wanted to confirm that myself and baby were ok, to go onto the hospital to be monitored. Baby's heartbeat was perfect and I was ok as well. They were surprised by the blood that was left over that they cleaned up but she said there wasn't any further bleeding and no sign of amniotic fluid as if my water had broke. So now, I'm back at home with some pretty crazy contractions. They aren't intense, but I'm experiencing several of them back to back now for going on an hour. Fun stuff eh? I'll be interested to see what people have to say to my board post.
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  • This happened to me twice in the first trimester. I thought I was miscarrying, it was so scary :( The doctors never figured out what the bleeding was caused by, but their best guess was a broken blood vessel in either the vaginal canal or cervix. Everything is so engorged because of the pregnancy hormones, even normal penetration can cause a benign bleed.
  • I wonder if these things run in the family. My bloody show was caused from sex but due to my soft cervix. However, my mother also experienced the same thing during her FIRST trimester which definitely is scary and most would assume is a miscarriage but Dr's told her it just happens now and then and that she was fine and of course baby was fine being that I'm here now, lol.
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